Successful Salesforce implementations with:

User Adoption

Great! You’re working with Salesforce, the world’s most powerful platform for delivering a 360° experience to customers and candidates. But there is one burning question: does it meet all your expectations?

Are you satisfied with your Salesforce ROI?

Research shows that – with a successful user adoption of the Salesforce technology – on average companies can reach up to:

The high-end technology facilitates companies to ramp up their users’ productivity and efficiency. At the same time it increases customer satisfaction so relationships become more intense and durable.

Do you nail Customer centricity in every touch point in the customer journey?

Did you know 84% of customers say that the customer experience is equally important as their products and services?
Source: Salesforce State of the connected customer

The Salesforce platform empowers a 360 approach in every step of the customer journey. It accommodates sales, marketing and service to integrally collaborate so that they complement and reinforce each other. Based on shared common goals with one connected view of data across the customer journey. Are you optimally taking advantage of the opportunities technology provides?

In practice, things prove otherwise

Many companies still don’t use Salesforce as the single source of truth. Users keep on using their own little systems, find work-arounds, and work with Excel sheets and emails. As a result, too much time is wasted on boring administrative tasks, managing emails, while your staff is having a hard time in finding the right people and collecting the right information. And what is even worse: although they are working with state of the art technology, business leaders still have no control over their business.

We understand why

Buying and implementing high-end technology is step one. Getting everyone concerned to embrace the solution and grow familiar with the possibilities is equally important. Only then you can make maximum use of the possibilities and you gain optimal control. 

And that is where it often falls short. All due to the psychology of transition. People tend to be hesitant when it comes to change. Involvement is low, users are insecure or just don’t see the benefits of the innovation. This is why training and adoption is a crucial stage in digital transformation.

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