Media Services on one platform

Being successful in Media Services means being dynamic, entertaining and visionary. You must anticipate and seemlessly adapt to changing market behavior and emerging trends. Delight your audience. Stand out in attraction, connection, and engagement.

One lead-to-service process

This requires a state-of-the-art business approach. With perfect alignment of marketing, sales and service. A business where processes are optimized and teams work efficiently and effectively with each other and with your partners.

Personalized customer journeys

A place in which strategic choices are made based on artificial intelligence and predictive data. So that you can entertain customers and subcribers in every touch point of their journey. Offering them a great experience and connect with them in a pleasant and personalized way. Wherever they are, whenever they want, on any device. The Salesforce Platform is the perfect basis to do all that. And more. 

Connect, innovate and delight with the Salesforce ecosystem

Why choose Talent Peaks as a partner?
Niche industry and Salesforce expertise
We combine deep knowledge of Salesforce technology with profound expertise in the professional services industry. Based on industry best practices we design your future proof business and guide your digital transformation.
What sets us apart?
Customer Centric Consultancy
Not processes and technology, but the best possible solution for your company is leading in everything we do. We focus on the customer and employee experience, using the Design Thinking Method and we work in a data driven way.
What guarantees the match?
Our unique consulting DNA
Working with Talent Peaks means you will enjoy the impact and the fun of having a guide who is dedicated to take you to the top. We design our teams based on personality and expertise, we go the extra mile and, if opportune, we challenge you to go off the beaten tracks.

Wondering how we can guide you?

Let’s connect

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Our partners in the Salesforce ecosystem

Byner for the Staffing Business makes staffing of professionals efficient, engaging and compliant from contract to invoice. This innovative app is powered by Talent Peaks and available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Documill provides customer platforms and document solutions to streamline internal processes and improve the candidate and customer experience.

Whatfix is a performance support platform for businesses to ease onboarding, improve support and reduce training effort for its users.

FinancialForce is a leading cloud ERP native to the Salesforce platform. It unifies data across the enterprise in real-time, enabling companies to rapidly evolve their business models with customers at the center. offers reliable business information info such as addresses, management, locations, finances, estates and vehicles as well as insights and predictions. Online, on demand or as a webservice.

SignRequest is a cloud-based electronic signature solution on the Salesforce Platform that enables clients to sign documents online. For all kinds of documents, in many languages, desktop or mobile.

Penfield Digital is an omnichannel marketing specialist who work from the belief that building brand preference goes beyond technology.