Staffing & recruitment on one platform

In the Staffing and Recruitment Services industry everything is focussed on finding the right people for the right jobs in the right time, at the right cost.

For that, you need to have profound insights in the market. What's happening and how can you persuade people to deeply engage with your agency? The Salesforce cloud technology, you can align all activities in one place. Marketing, sales, recruitment, midoffice and backoffice; you get the best results if everyone works seamlessly together.  Integrate the entire lead-to-cash-process and continuously optimize productivity based on insights and predictive analytics.

With a intelligent and tailor-made digital approach you will perform better, work smart, and create engaged customers and happy candidates.

Grow, engage, and delight with the Salesforce ecosystem 

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Take control of your Staffing Business with Byner

Are you a Staffing Agency aiming to be efficient, engaging and compliant by default? The Byner App on the Salesforce Platform makes staffing of professionals easy from contract to invoice. This innovative app is powered by Talent Peaks. 

Intrigued? We'd love to show you the impact Byner can make for your business. Check out the Byner website or contact us directly.

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