Salesforce CPQ for Media Services

Being a niche consulting partner, Talent Peaks helps companies to optimize their business by implementing Salesforce apps that perfectly fit their way of working. In our daily practice, we see an emerging demand for the Salesforce CPQ solution especially for the Media Services industry. Interested? We'd love to share our expertise on how to maximize the benefits of this innovative cloud application and streamline configuration, pricing and quoting!

What is CPQ?

CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)  is one of the high-end solutions on the Salesforce Platform. For our customers in the media services industry it is extremely relevant because it helps you generate accurate and personalized quotations in a smooth and user friendly manner. With CPQ you can generate quotations, automate discounts and pricings and collect the required approvals and centralize storage of all documents. On top of that, its real time reportings and dashboards offer you a clear insight in data from quote to retention to make better business decisions. Let's dive into this a bit more.

# Configure

In media services, package deals are usually built up from different types of products. For example it may contain both online, print and radio advertising. The CPQ package construction is perfectly suitable to work with this diversity. You can easily select a popular combination of products and customize a package for your client.

In media services there tends to be an extensive product range which makes it difficult to find the right product. CPQ has an intelligent search feature to help the user easily pinpoint the results he is looking for. To make it even more simple, he can also use the Guided Selling option to find the right product. This functionality guides the user by narrowing down the product list step by step using smart filtering.

# Price 

It can be a real challenge to calculate the right price. The price for a printed ad, for example, depends on many variables such as dimension, colour, medium, location, etcetera. The pricing of a radio commercial depends a.o. on the channel, the length, the hour and the day of broadcasting and the number of broadcasts. On top of that, different discounts may be offered, such as special media discounts, partner reductions, introductory discounts or a variable rebates per product line.

# Quote

Once you have selected the right product and the right prices, you want to communicate them in a clear and attractive way to your customer or media partner. CPQ makes it easy! The integrated quotation tooling lets the user automatically generate a pdf from the configured quotation. This pdf can directly be sent to the customer with the standard Salesforce emailing feature.

Based on their expertise in media services, Talent Peaks has adequately helped us to create the best quotations for our commercial customers using Salesforce CPQ in a powerful way - Thirza van den Bergh, Controller FD Mediagroep

What are the advantages of CPQ for media services companies?

► Easy configuration of accurate personalized quotations based on complex pricing models
► Faster and better quotations and tailor-made contracts for customers and media agencies
► More accurate insights and focus on opportunities in product offering for customers

What are the success factors for implementing Salesforce CPQ?

► Prepare yourself well and construct a crystal clear product range multipricing model
► Keep it simple and avoid unnecessary complexity of the pricing model
► Design clear and streamlined processes. Think about backup in the approval procedure
► Partner up with a Salesforce CPQ expert with knowledge of your specific industry 

Talent Peaks has proven to be a valuable niche consulting partner for customers in the media industry. Based on their DNA, industry knowledge and pragmatical approach in the collaboration with Salesforce and our customers, they always have a significant impact! - Klaasjan Ypenburg, Salesforce

Salesforce CPQ in a nutshell