Kickstart your reporting and dashboarding in one day

“Every big change starts with a small step”

Are you heading for a data driven strategy but still having questions on the how, when and who? We have the perfect fit solution for you.

A One-Day-Reporting-and-Dashboarding-Kickstart

Based on your needs, our analytics expert will create a custom made – ready to use dashboard of your focus KPIs plus a practical advice on further actions and enhancements. What initially may look like a small step, will prove itself to be an accelerator for data driven collaboration within your teams.

What will it bring?

Powerful reporting and dashboarding in Salesforce will help you turn real time data into insights. It shows your current state of play, uncovers opportunities and allows your teams to timely anticipate, act, intervene and adjust.

Example of a Sales Dashboard for the Media Industry

What do you get?

  • Extended intake
  • 8 hours full focused guidance of a Salesforce analytics expert
  • Personalized and custom made dashboards on key metrics
  • Concluding memo with advice for configuration and enhancement

What are the advantages?

  • Quick results, maximum impact in a short span of time
  • Dedicated guidance based on industry knowledge and best practices
  • Practical, concrete tools to optimize your Salesforce org
  • Flow and inspiration for next steps

Example of a Dashboard for the Recruitment Industry

Let’s see how you can kickstart a data driven approach

Curious how you can turn data into insights? Discover how one smart dashboard can make a difference. Leave your contact info and we’ll reach out to explore the possibilities.