Account Based Marketing & Customer Intimacy

Experts and industry leaders share their insights and best practices (Dutch)

Professional Services  companies all compete for a unique place in the hearts of customers, prospects and professionals. With Salesforce you can substantially strenghten the relationship with your target groups.

What is your USP? How can you create relevant added value for your target groups? Personal attention, timely and valuable information and creating a positive experience are key. 

Is it possible to make impact without truly positioning your company? How can you build long-term relationships with prospects, customers en talent? And what does this mean for marketing, sales and delivery?

In this Dutch spoken Live Online Panel on 5 November 10:00 - 10:45 experts and industry leaders share their insights and best practices. Subscribe now and get inspired.

Yes, count me in!

This panel is sponsored by Salesforce and Talent Peaks and hosted by Michiel van Vlimmeren, SVP & General Manager Salesforce Nederland