Leadership and Digitalization in Times of Change

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New technologies are changing the world in a fast pace. The current situation proves that – now more than ever – digitalization can play a crucial role in staying connected with customers and employees.

Are you thinking about postponing transformation projects waiting for better times? Or is this the perfect moment to move ahead? The current situation is forcing us all to be creative and develop innovative ideas for our businesses. How do you continue to meet the needs of employees and customers?

This moment in time, we’re all in search for the ‘new way of life and doing business’. If one thing we learnt from history, it is that not the strongest, but the best fit companies will survive. We asked 4 of our customers – all C-level industry leaders – to share their insights and best practices on how they deal with change in an online panel discussion. 

A few take-aways:

  • Observe, stay calm and trustworthy
  • Keep moving with focus on your strategic goals
  • Create connectivity, keep asking questions to customers and employees
  • Dare to make yourself vulnerable and secure a constant flow of two-way-communication

Host: Michiel van Vlimmeren, SVP Salesforce


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