650 bottles of Tripel Peaks to help Gilles' funding

Gilles Dupont is a super-gifted basketball player who plays on the highest level in Belgium. Together with his two brothers Robin and Floris, Gilles is part of the Belgian Special Olympics Basketball Team. In the summer of 2019 Gilles and his team will travel to Abu Dhabi to participate in the Special Olympics. That trip needs to be funded.

So Talent Peaks donated 650 bottles of Tripel Peaks beer

When we heard about Gilles' mission, we didn't hesitate for a second! We are great sports lovers ourselves and how cool would it be to help Gilles' team on their way to Abu Dhabi? So, we donated 650 bottles of our special Triple Peaks Beer. Gilles and his brothers will sell the bottles and use the money to pay for the trip to Abu Dhabi. A nice way for people to enjoy our special beer and support these amazing athletes at the same time.

Successful campaign

This tasty campaign already is a great succes. And there is more to come. Talent Peaks as well as other 'Gillessians' are planning more sponsor events to make sure that Gillles and his team make it to Abu Dhabi. 

Follow Gilles on Facebook

Curious how the team gets ready for the Special Olympics? You can follow Gilles and his crowdfunding campaign on his personal Facebook Page: Special Olympics for Gilles.