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Implement or optimize Salesforce?

Salesforce Implementation - the Talent Peaks approach

Are you working in the service industry like Staffing & RecruitingProfessional Services or Media Services? With Salesforce technology you are fully equipped to stay on top of your game. Being a niche Salesforce Gold implementation consultant, Talent Peaks is a trusted partner who helps you design customer journeys, select, implement and optimize your Salesforce apps and create the perfect digital ecosystem to drive your business.

Why Salesforce?

Digital transformation is crucial if you want to personally connect with your customers, partners, candidates and employees and stay ahead of competition. On the Salesforce Platform you can create your very own digital ecosystem and customize it to achieve your specific business goals. Choose from the powerful Salesforce native solutions and combine them with best-of-breed solutions offered by third parties on the Salesforce Platform with no specific IT expertise whatsoever. Read more about Salesforce here.

Impact of Salesforce implementation

Salesforce users report an enormous increase in performance:

Why work with our Salesforce implementation experts?

A successful Salesforce implementation requires a partner that fully understands your business. Our expert consultants combine deep knowledge of Salesforce technology with profound niche industry expertise. That allows us to successfully translate your specific goals and requirements into processes and plot them with the right solutions. We’ll challenge you to put your customer first, going beyond processes and thinking outside of the box.

Talent Peaks consultants are built up from a unique DNA. We love our work and that shows! You’ll experience our core values – having fun, being a guide and making impact – in everything we do. In cooperation with you we will create successful user and customer journeys that really make impact for your business.

Talent Peaks’ approach to Salesforce implementation

Our goal is designing the best possible solution for your company. Processes and technology are never a starting point, they are means to achieve your goal. Talent Peaks’ proven approach is based on three pillars: design, implement, and learn.

#1 Design

Processes are fundamental for any successful implementation. But before choosing and implementing technology it is crucial to have a clear picture of the ‘why’ and how the organization wants to grow. Do not fall into the trap of implementing your as-is processes, but focus on to-be processes. Dare to dream, think big, and then come down to earth to implement feasible solutions for you business and define a clear roadmap what comes next.

We start every project with a design phase to clarify the project’s goal and define to-be processes. By interviewing and challenging key stakeholders and assessing your business, we visualize the to-be processes. We design a steering model, including KPIs and functional and technical requirements. After prioritizing the steps, we compose the roadmap and the project backlog. This design phase will define the scope for the actual implementation phase.

#2 Implement

In the implementation phase we actually start creating your customized Salesforce environment. Talent Peaks has a proven approach for successful Salesforce implementation.


First, we strongly believe in working in co-creation with our customers and partners. Second, we advise you to start small and grow big. Focus on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and take it forward from there. Finally, our mission is being a guide. Our aim is to empower our customers to be the driving force of the solution again once the implementation is completed.

Customizing industry standards

In the design phase we have drawn up the system requirements and prioritized them to a functional roadmap and backlog the implementation team will work on. We implement industry standards, customizing the configurations based on your business goals.

Core project teams

Our implementation consultants can work on site, as well as remote. To be able to operate lean and mean, we like to work in small core project teams, calling in experts and stakeholders when favorable. This ensures efficient decision making and keeping the project in a good pace. At Talent Peaks we believe that customers should enable their people to get familiar with the Salesforce platform so they can support the growth of the organization from within.

At the start of the project the customer has assigned and allocated the most important roles in the team, the customer’s Salesforce admin is ready to go and a project manager is selected. If you wish, Talent Peaks can conduct the project management. We implement, configure and optimize the Salesforce solution and make sure that your old data is cleaned up and migrated properly.

Quick Go-Live

We run our projects in an agile approach. Phases are carried out in sprints, in which we implement, test and calibrate results with the customer, leaving room for new insights. A minimum viable product (MVP) is the goal to go-live swiftly with the most important features to enable prompt user adoption.

#3 Learn

Train users and support adoption

The impact an implementation will have on the business depends on how effective users adopt the new technology. We train and onboard end users as well as the Salesforce admins. Our goal in this phase is to optimize user adoption and set up a good support model that will work for you. Of course, we also perform after-care and support you in defining the future phases in the project.

Empower Salesforce admins

Our goal is to make sure that your Salesforce admins can manage and support the system themselves. The Salesforce platform offers a large variety of adoption and knowledge trails called Trailheads which allow any person to become true Salesforce experts. Salesforce empowers your people to blaze their own trails. On top of that, Talent Peaks consultants will train your people with on-site customized trainings and Accelerators, which are remote or on-site personalized work sessions to solve specific challenges.

Evaluate success

After the project is finished it is time to evaluate the success. In the design phase, we described the baseline, the KPIs and the goals. To measure the results and to generate powerful business insights, you can carry out data analyses. Real time dashboards and reportings help you to keep an ear on the ground. They show you what works well and what steps need to be taken for improvement and innovation. Take time to look back on the project periodically and use that knowledge for your future plans.

Plan the future

After wrapping up the implementation and evaluation, you can start designing a scenario for the next phases in your digital transformation. Let’s move forward!

Salesforce Cloud Platform

Salesforce CPQ

Take your revenue to new heights. Sell and bill on one platform.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

The power of AI on Salesforce: a layer of artificial intelligence to improve productivity.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Connect and collaborate with customers, partners, and employees.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Deliver a smarter, more personal customer experience on the #1 CRM platform.

Salesforce Pardot

Connect Sales and Marketing for the best customer journey possible.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

CRM Solution that gives your team the power to close deals in new and unknown ways.

Our impactful partner network

Byner for the Staffing Business makes staffing of professionals efficient, engaging and compliant from contract to invoice. This innovative app is powered by Talent Peaks and available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Documill provides customer platforms and document solutions to streamline internal processes and improve the candidate and customer experience.

Whatfix is a performance support platform for businesses to ease onboarding, improve support and reduce training effort for its users.

FinancialForce is a leading cloud ERP native to the Salesforce platform. It unifies data across the enterprise in real-time, enabling companies to rapidly evolve their business models with customers at the center.

Company.info offers reliable business information info such as addresses, management, locations, finances, estates and vehicles as well as insights and predictions. Online, on demand or as a webservice.

SignRequest is a cloud-based electronic signature solution on the Salesforce Platform that enables clients to sign documents online. For all kinds of documents, in many languages, desktop or mobile.

Penfield Digital is an omnichannel marketing specialist who work from the belief that building brand preference goes beyond technology.

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