Design Approach

Is your customer in the center of your business?

Serve your customers better and more efficiently

Are you a customer driven organization, always looking for ways to stay relevant in our disruptive economy? 

Then you surely are striving to serve customers in a more engaging and more efficient way. And at this moment, you just might be looking for ways to align and optimize business processes. Or you are searching for new, innovative solutions to solve current or expected problems.

This mission could be effective, but it surely will not make the impact that it could make. Do you know why? Because your focus on processes just might distract you. It will entice you to forget the one thing your business is all about: your customer.  This is where Service Design Thinking comes in.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking – and more specific Service Design Thinking – encourages you to put the customer in the heart of all your activities. It balances the needs of the customer with the needs of the business. It helps you to take your customer as a starting point and deeply understand his needs.

With an out of the box approach, it changes an inside-out way of thinking into an inclusive perspective on the customer journey and underlying business processes. After all, your customer’s experience is not only based on his relationship with your employees. Quality of work, expertise, underlying processes, used systems and tools and of course the offering itself affect the experience as well. In other words: the entire organization defines the customer experience.

Our Design Consultants bring out the best in you

Our Design Consultants are trained to challenge you on topics such as:

  • Who are your personas?
  • What do their journeys look like?
  • How can your complete organization contribute to improve the customer experience?
  • What are the best possible processes to achieve this?
  • What tools are required to help staff-members realize the change?

We believe that expertise is key. That’s why we compose teams with various skills to challenge your business. Together we co-design the best solution possible for your organization.

Design approach: what will it bring you?

✔ Stay flexible and competitive in a disruptive market
The world is changing and it’s key to timely adapt and anticipate. Start designing your processes from a customer’s point of view to make sure your organization stays relevant in a fast-changing world.

✔ Stimulate process innovation
In the design phase, our consultants, together with relevant stakeholders, map out current business processes. Then, they dare you to dream, think big, and generate new ideas, putting the customer in the center of it all. This opens new perspectives and just might pave the way for a complete new, innovative approach.

✔ Optimize processes and technology by starting from the root of problems
In the Design phase, we guide you to drill down to the core of your pains and desires. This design approach often results in astonishing insights that will deeply impact your business.

✔ Encourage engagement within your teams
Rethinking processes will trigger resistance within a team, that’s a fact. Making your teams part of the process encourages them to give input based on their insights and experience.  In turn, they are offered new perspectives on the customer journey which helps them to overcome their objections and stimulates them to work together on powerful solutions.

We guide you all the way

We believe that a co-creative process-design will guarantee a smooth adoption and new habits within your team. It will help staff-members to understand the importance of bringing in new tools and how to interpret the acquired data along the way. That’s why we not only focus on process-design, but on implementation and data as well. We believe combining these three pillars will build a strong process to help your team in the best way possible.

We deeply know your business

Each business has its own challenges. Our design consultants guide you in creating powerful and future proof journeys supported by smooth processes. For this, profoundly understanding your business is key. Talent Peaks believes in quality and focus, so we specialize in guiding the digital transformation in three specific industries.

Professional services

Optimize the complete lead-to-cash process, increase project profability and keep customers and employees happy.

Staffing & recruitment services

Increase your recruitment performance and engage with customers and candidates in a whole new way from sourcing to placement and beyond.

Media services

Deepen your engagement with advertisers and subscribers and optimize business results from subscription to service.

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