Salesforce Basecamp NL

01-10-'20 - Vijfhuizen

Join Talent Peaks at Salesforce Basecamp Netherlands (formerly known as Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam) and discover how to take customer and employee engagement to the next level! Learn how you can create unforgettable experiences using the Salesforce Customer Success Platform!

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Join our break-out session Salesforce for Media: Dutch CORE (part of NPO)

Dutch public broadcasting companies and NPO are facing challenging times due to disruptive developments, a dynamic media landscape and changing viewing behavior. 

Dutch CORE is committed to help them tap into new sources of income and support them by offering services for selling and managing intellectual property and exploitation rights and creating contracts for revenues related to produced or purchased media content.

In a 20-minute session, Managing Director Michael Spendel shares his best practice on how Salesforce helps public broadcasting companies to stay competitive and in control. In a behind-the-scenes-demo, rights management coordinator Bastiaan Toering shows how Salesforce's data driven, user friendly and innovative technology allows Dutch CORE to create powerful journeys and streamlined processes. And stay flexible and customer centered, even in this unique and specific business.

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In 30 minute one-on-one inspiration session, our experts share industry best practices and demonstrate how you can impact your key business processes in fields like Marketing, Sales, Recruitment & Project Delivery, Service and Finance.

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