Whitepaper Digital Transformation

11 Steps Towards Successful Digital Transformation

These days more than ever, for many companies digital transformation has top focus. In a constant effort to move along with and anticipate on evolving customer expectations, business leaders are looking for ways to make impact in the field of sales, marketing, delivery, service and finance. Still, at least one out of three digital transformation projects do not have the expected results. Why is that?

In this whitepaper, we share best practices and tips from business leaders to trailblaze a successful implementation of new technology. All based on daily experience of our experts and our customers. You’ll discover how to:

  • prepare and strategize your digital transformation
  • balance the 3 pillars: People, Technology and Processes
  • set the right stage for a successful project 
  • create support and adoption of new technology
  • ensure continuous enhancement

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digital transformation 11 tips

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Tips from Peers:

Tight project planning is important, but more haste, less speed.

Hold the line, but stay flexible and listen to your people.

Regularly evaluate if things are on track and everyone is still on board.

Make user adoption a constant point of focus

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