Straight-Line Leadership

Straight-Line Leadership (SLL) is an international organisation that aims to ignite the leadership power of European employers and business professionals with powerful tools. 


Founded in 2016, SLL experiences a rapid growth. And as Mandy van der Put explains:  “Suddenly you find yourself having a wonderful company, in which most things are done ad hoc and everything depends on e-mails and Excel documents.” High time for a digital transformation to streamline all processes around sales and coaching and get ready for the future.


SLL decided for Salesforce to support the challenging ambition for fast international expansion. Talent Peaks guided the digital transformation process. Salesforce forms the foundation on which SLL can build and expand. With Sales Cloud, they are now future proof and ready for a European roll-out of their unique business concept. 


  • powerful future proof platform 
  • flexibility and scalability
  • effective communication & collaboration
  • happy users


In this interview, CEO Mandy van der Put talks about their digital transformation. She shares her considerations and experience with choosing for Salesforce as a technology supplier and Talent Peaks as an implementation partner. Check the video (in Dutch):

“Thanks to Talent Peaks, for the first time, my people are happy they work on the Salesforce platform and are looking forward to what is yet to come.”

– Mandy van der Put, CEO Straight-Line Leadership

Wanna hear more? Check out the complete panel discussion with IG&H, NEP Media, Straight-Line Leadership, and Circle8 (voorheen DSG) here.

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