Dutch CORE Media

Dutch CORE is the cooperative that jointly develops and manages the rights management of drama series and documentaries for broadcasters and NPO. They are responsible for the rights management and exploitation of programs of the NPO and act as an agent in the licensing of commercial parties active in the Netherlands with video-on-demand services.

It is utmost important for Dutch CORE to manage and exploit the intellectual ownership rights for their members. There was no ready-made solution available on the market that would fit the requirements of Dutch CORE. Salesforce was selected because of the flexibility of the ecosystem. Mainly the possibility to use building blocks to configure a custom solution appealed to the organization.

Talent Peaks guided the Salesforce implementation to make sure the tool would provide the necessary benefits. The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) allows Dutch CORE and the public broadcasting companies to register and consult all ‘claimed’ rights as written in the contracts.

The project covered:

Expertise Areas: DesignImplementAnalyze

"We now work more pleasantly and more efficiently. We are compliant by default, while at the same time generating more sales."

Michael Spendel - Managing Director Dutch CORE media