Circle8 (formerly DSG)

Talent Peaks guided the digital transformation process of Circle8 by implementing the Connexys Recruiting System and the Byner app for Staffing & Consultancy both developed on the Salesforce platform. With this app Circle8 optimized the value for professionals, customers and suppliers.

In this interview CFO Marc Nijhuis talks about the importance of digitization and how it worked as a catalyst in times of change as a result of COVID-19. He shares his experience with working with Salesforce as a supplier of technology and Talent Peaks as an implementation partner. Check the video (in Dutch):

“Collaborating with Talent Peaks worked out beyond expectation. They have deep knowledge of the Staffing & Recruitment business. They speak our jargon, and understand our goals and obstacles. Plus, they know how to deploy best practices in our market for our benefit.”

– Marc Nijhuis, CFO Circle8

Check out the complete panel discussion with Circle8, IG&H, NEP Media, and Straight-Line Leadership here.

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