Dutch CORE

Dutch CORE is responsible for the rights management of the 11 Dutch public broadcasting companies and NPO and the (international) exploitation of their programs. The company supports its members to effectively manage all rights related to programs so that exploitation, distribution, programming and sales are optimally conducted.


In the past, each of the public broadcasting companies and NPO worked autonomously as far as rights management and sales of media programs were concerned. With the foundation of Dutch CORE in 2017, a transformation has been set in motion in which the offering of media programs has been combined and the companies jointly carry out rights management. This resulted in the need for a robust, easy to use and configurable cloud platform on which all parties can efficiently collaborate and at the same time have their own secured environment.


Together with Talent Peaks, Dutch CORE created a unique way of using the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM. This resulted in an efficient, user friendly needs of all parties concerned. The end-to end process is now completely handled all on one platform, tailored to the specific needs with configuration only.


›  Increased revenue, productivity and higher job satisfaction
›  High qualitative, accurate and efficient sales process
›  Professionalization of the collaboration between companies and rights holders
›  Better insights into opportunities and availability of programs
›  Compliance by default

“Together with Talent Peaks, we created a unique way of using the Salesforce CRM. We now work with 13(!) companies in one single system. Each has its own secured environment, and at the same time, users can easily exchange and collect relevant data on the platform. This makes work more efficient, productive, rewarding, while being compliant by default. The quality of our services advanced, which has a positive impact on sales and customer satisfaction.”

Michael Spendel, Managing Director Dutch CORE

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