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Empower your users.

When implementing a new tool, training of your employees is a huge part of the process. Making them familiar with the application is time-consuming. Whatfix, as a digital onboarding tool, helps speeding-up this process and supports change within your organization. To address this issue, we have implemented the solution Whatfix over the last couple of months at several companies, such as:

  • Manpower
  • The Employment Group
  • Vivaldis

Whatfix enables the support and training of employees within an online environment.


These clients all started using the app Connexys, an online recruitment tool built on the Salesforce platform. As part of the user onboarding they were looking for a tool that would train their users in a setting where they would be working with the recruitment tool directly and which would minimize the need for real life training courses provided by a trainer.
Next to this we also implemented on Salesforce Salescloud (CRM solution) and the online environment of Afas (ERP solution).


As a browser plugin, Whatfix enables you to provide training right within your online solution. As the content of the manuals is custom-built, this solution can be applied to any application as long as it operates online.


To facilitate the onboarding, we implemented the Introduction manual as displayed in the picture above. This manual provides the users with a general introduction of the functionalities of the new system. Additionally, we used a video as part of the change process to welcome the users and explain how working with this new application will benefit them and their organization.

Daily use

Manuals that explain the daily tasks of a recruiter were created. These manuals help the recruiters do their job by allowing them to work while learning how to do it. Following the manual displayed above, recruiters would actually be creating a job record in the system.

Task lists

With the use of a task lists, recruiters were encouraged to follow certain manuals which were selected by management to help them understand how to work with the system.


The Whatfix manuals were linked to Google Analytics to follow the use of the manuals. By tracking these numbers, clients acquired insight into which manuals were viewed often and who were using the manuals, and more importantly, who were not. This helped our clients to study how their users learn and coach them in this process.


Many of our clients work internationally, or have international colleagues working in the Netherlands. Therefore, multilingualism is often requested. Based on the user language within the application, the Whatfix tool can be implemented using the appropriate languages.


A user who can solve its own issues, is every support colleague’s dream. Whatfix helps lower the pressure on your support team and empowers your users to work independently. The interactive interface makes it easy and fun to use for your end users, a win-win!


Rachel van den Berg

Rachel van den Berg

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