What makes a bot really successful?

Remember our Talent Bot? It is the AI powered chatbot (it is not Microsoft’s Twitter-bot Tay!) we have developed using Salesforce technology. To refresh your mind, please read our previous blog ‘Meet Talent Bot’ and view our video in the blog below.

At Talent Peaks we have explored what makes a bot really successful in supporting your key customer processes in our focus industries Professional ServicesStaffing & HR Services and Media Services.

Chatbot functions

In our opinion, chatbots have 2 important functions:

  1. An intelligent delivery of information (status of an invoice, question, application) and knowledge to efficiently answer the needs of customers, employees or candidates.
  2. Collect information and knowledge (and learn from it) to support and delegated the tasks to the right person on the right time.

If you can relate to one or both of these functions, we recommend you to read the next section of this article.

Chatbot checklist

If you are becoming a chatbot fan like us and want to make a direct impact with a bot, we would like to provide you with some checks before implementing a chatbot for your organization:

  • Digital strategy & Branding Fit
    Do chatbots and AI as technology fit your digital strategy and employer branding? Define how chatbots can improve your customer journey and customer experiences and utilize touchpoints and opportunities.
  • Expectations & Transparency
    Determine how a chatbot can contribute in meeting the needs of internal and external stakeholders and what they need to adapt.
  • Experience & Improvement
    Set up an iterative approach, learn from a MVP by analyzing the data and measurement of experience. In this way you are able to build improvements by technology.

Get Inspired

Next to our own Talent Bot, there are a lot of chatbots out there improving customer, employee, candidate and user experience. We would like you to get excited and inspired about chatbots so have a look at this Salesforce bot and the way how to get started!

Let us help you

Like a chatbot we are here to guide you and help you checking the boxes, check by check. Our team understands your business processes and has experience in designing and implementing Salesforce apps. Our Analytics team can provide you with new insights and come up with suggestions on how to improve your bot.

If you want to know more about chatbots and what it can do for your company, please contact us!