Meet new Salesforce Consultant Wesley Boer

“I am a huge fan of thorough analyses, complete configurations, and happy customers”

Hear, hear, again we’d like to introduce a new kid on the block. This year, Wesley Boer joined our implement team. Wesley will be focussing on the implementation and configuration of Salesforce applications for our customers. Let’s get to know Wesley in this short interview.

Why did you choose for Talent Peaks? 

“It was the overall picture that triggered me right away. I was looking for a job high on both challenges and fun. During the job interviews it became clear to me that being a consultant at Talent Peaks offers me a lot of opportunities. A broad range of projects, some even international, becoming more and more familiar with the Salesforce platform, you name it! And adding to that the focus on the person behind the professional, that is something that sets Talent Peaks apart from any other consulting company. Long story short: that’s why I choose for Talent Peaks.”

How about your career path?

“After graduating from the Erasmus University, I started out being a recruiter in the IT industry. Not knowing a thing about IT or recruitment, so I just gave it a go. It turned out I had a feeling for it, resulting in several promotions in a short amount of time. And now, after 4 years of being successful in recruiting, I wanted something different. Something cool. Something with cool people. And there we are, at Talent Peaks!”

Why will our customers love you?

“My mission is to deliver thorough analyses, complete configurations, and happy customers. I like to be precise in my work, I have an eye for detail and always search for underlying arguments. In this way, I am able to provide consultancy on areas one wasn’t aware of before. So sometimes, I might ask some annoying questions, but that’s all focused on providing the best consultancy. Oh, and above all, I will bring a lot of fun!”

Did you do some cool stuff yet?

“Almost immediately after I started, I joined two projects: one in The Hague and one in Germany. Due to this rapid start, I had to dive into Salesforce and running into its ins and outs. Both projects are complex and challenging to me, and I’m learning every day. And that is exactly what I have been looking for. To be honest, providing a solution for customers is something that gives me a tremendous amount of energy. Nothing better than a satisfied customer. O, and a happy consultant of course :-).” 

Tell us one thing we really want to know about you?

“I have a twin sister. And no, we don’t look alike that much. She having long curls, me having a beard, quite different. Growing up together was always fun. I always had someone to play with and like siblings do, we argued a lot as well. She is still using the difference of 23 minutes that we were born in her favor … Last year her son (and my godson) was born. He adds a whole new dimension to our lives: my sister isn’t only my sister anymore, she is also a mom now.”

Welcome! Great to have you on the team, Wesley. Have fun and good luck with all your challenging projects.

Rachel van den Berg

Rachel van den Berg

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