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Start listening to your data today.

The world of recruitment has truly transformed during the last few decades. We could easily establish that job seekers have become picky. Both because they should and because they can. Two changes in the job seeking business have been cause for a change in acquisition strategy:

  1. the shifting of power in the candidate’s favor;
  2. the migration of the job search to the World Wide Web.

This means that contemporary recruitment has become a game of influencing the behavior of real people in a vast digital world. And if you want to stay ahead of this game, web analytics – online People Analytics – will make a difference.

Web Analytics: part of online People Analytics

Chances are that you are already making your way into online People Analytics, even though you may not realize it. Most likely, you are already searching for your talent online and are using your website as your online business card.

You may be even using Web Analytics to track online campaigns and paid advertisements (in particular their conversion rates). Probably, you use a Google Analytics account to get some insights into your sources’ return on investment: the number of conversions, or even hires, made per paid source. Which is an obvious decision from a marketing perspective. And a very good first step towards the practical use of online People Analytics.

Start listening to your data today

But how much do you know about your target group’s online behavior? Try to look beyond the paid source. In truth, we are actually dealing with people and their behavior. Your web analytics can tell you more about their world of experience than you might think at first:

  • What devices they use to visit your website and how accessible your website is per device?
  • What kind of content moves them towards or away from your website and the specific content you want them to see?
  • What kind of vacancies they are looking for and what job characteristics they are interested in?
  • How generally engaged they are with your website and what engagement is needed for conversion?
  • What social channels they regularly use to find you, compared to which are used to convert?

Your data is telling you much about the behavior of your online audience: the candidates. This kind of analytics provide you with insights to help you determine which content works well and which does not. Think of the many advantages such insights will provide you: you will be able to adjust your website, content, social channels and campaigns specifically to your audience’s needs.

When web analytics and recruitment analytics meet

Eager to go beyond even that? Hooking up your Google Analytics database to your CRM will allow you to analyze the online behavior of hired or rejected candidates. When Web Analytics and recruitment analytics meet, a kind of chemistry takes place that provides you with insights such as:

  • The online behavior or popular content of specific candidate groups, such as hires or rejected candidates;
  • What level of engagement with the website is more likely to lead to a hire;
  • What social and unpaid channels lead to what kind of candidates;
  • Full funnel insights: how much traffic you need for a specific vacancy to be viewed, how often that vacancy must be viewed in order to get a number of applications, and how many applications are needed for a hire;
  • What content you should publish to attract your target group, based on their demographics, and the effectiveness of this content in terms of visits, views, conversions and hires.

Get started today!

Talent Peaks is happy to help you move beyond basic campaign analysis and closer towards online people analytics. After all, the candidates’ online world of experience has become an unmistakable part of the modern job search. It demands an appropriate acquisition strategy as part of the digital transformation. Not sure where to get started with that? Contact us (joram@talentpeaks.com) to request a quick scan of your Google Analytics environment. The resulting recommendations will provide you with the first steps towards a new perspective and a new approach concerning online people analytics.

Paulien van der Krift

Paulien van der Krift

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