Tripel Peaks; beer with a special touch!

Doing cool stuff with cool people is what drives us at Talent Peaks. That is why FUN is one of our core values. So it was only a matter of time before we would be brewing our own craft beer, right? And it did not stop there for us: we wanted to do something back for the community with our beer as well.

By coincidence, we got into a conversation with one of our Belgian customers, who introduced us to Gilles Dupont and his brothers Robin and Floris. These brothers play for the Belgian national basketball team that will participate in the 2019 Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi. It struck us that these athletes need to fund the biggest part of their trip and accommodation themselves.

So we instantly decided to donate the largest part of our freshly brewed Tripel Peaks bottles to the brothers Dupont. This way they can sell the beers to fund his trip. First reaction was “When we are sold out, can we order a new badge?”, which truly shows the ambition and enthusiasm of Gilles and his brothers to make it to Abu Dhabi!

The coming months we will post updates on a regular base how the ‘Road to Abu Dhabi’ is progressing on our special page.

About Tripel Peaks..

Our Tripel Peaks has been exclusively brewed by Brouwerij het Hert: without a doubt the coolest micro-brewery in the Netherlands. The beer contains the best ingredients from Belgium and the Netherlands, and its taste truly matches what Talent Peaks stands for; authenticity, professionalism and full of power! Last but not least: the labels of our beer have been attached to the bottles in a social working place.

Stijn Vangenechten

Stijn Vangenechten

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