The Internet of Human Resource Management

While reading the blog of Managing Partner Joram Timmerman, “The rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role in the recruiting, staffing and professional services business”, it made me think of how digitalization, technology and innovation are affecting the labour market and how we are organizing labour as we know it today. 

Many firms have researched the added value of HR, such as Deloitte in the report “Will IoT technology bring us the quantified employee?” Please proceed reading to find out what my vision is on this topic.

Technology has created a 24/7 global connected economy. Today, there are over 7 billion mobile devices in the world and more than 40 percent of all internet traffic is driven by these devices. As a society, we find it important to be online at all times via laptops, smartphones and tablets to interact socially and professionally.

We have organized our work and personal life balance more flexible because these innovations have made it possible to work anywhere at any time. Because of this flexibility, organizations need to think of how to set up a digital design that delivers the most efficient and effective support to facilitate employees on these trends and developments.

This digital mindset needs a strategy where there is an opportunity for HR to add value consulting on the following aspects.



The internet of things is growing by connecting digital objects together to perform more efficiently and effectively. According to Cisco, IoT for business has a potential value of 14,4 trillion dollars. It is time for a digital strategy/mindset of an organization.

HR needs to connect with IT and set up a digital design and integrated platform of instruments, systems, policies and tools that are available. Only when there is a connection between them, the results are meaningful and can lead to real-time interactive dashboards, and analytics that are experience-driven.


We can help you define your needs on a digital strategy and transformation of HR by connecting events, data, and apps in the IoT cloud ( based on the specific business logic to create optimal experiences & guidance by for example setting up analytics and dashboards and consult on privacy & security of data. Talent Peaks is a niche consultancy firm with deep expertise in staffing, recruitment and professional services and can support in creating a cloud-based platform on your specific needs by connecting relevant applications together to deliver valuable insight and help you set priorities and focus.

Stijn Vangenechten

Stijn Vangenechten

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