The Innovation Recipe

Implement innovation through ideas


This year (2018), we at Talent Peaks started our own innovation journey. As a start, we introduced ‘pizza sessions’ to discover new business trends and sharing experiences to come up with new ideas. After a few pizzas (and some brainstorm session!), we came up with a new recipe to both continuously challenge ourselves and help our customers to be more innovative and grow.

Do you like the combination of pizza, technology and innovation the way we do? We would love to share a few slices with you!

How to challenge & innovate

Trying to grow your business and keep up with trends and developments in your market can be hard, while running your company as well. Sure, from time to time you visit a conference to get inspired or organize a brainstorm session and get excited.

But do you take action afterwards? And do these actions fit your strategy? And how do you embed it within your organization?

It takes effort to structurally do things different than your competitors do, and surprising your customers on the go. It means capturing ideas and improvements and to follow up to stay innovative. The big advantages of being innovative:

  • having customer focus
  • being flexible
  • proactively acting on trends and developments instead of reacting
  • not missing any revenue.

Digital transformation: more than implementing the technology

A digital transformation is not just about choosing and implementing the right technology when the current tool or app isn’t living up to expectations. It’s so much more than that:

How do you adapt your culture, operation and especially your delivery to the customer?

Step up our game

As your guide we understand your business and we know what kind of trends and developments are buzzing the market. We experience them every day ourselves and feel it is time to step up our game.

Why, you may ask? A great question, and the answer is fairly simple: we want you to create impact and add value.


  • Getting to know you better
    • What are your core values What are your mission, vision, goals and strategy
  • Challenge you
    • Ask why many times
  • Inspire you
    • Sharing our expertise and knowledge
  • Implement/Embed innovation
    • Ideate
    • Structure
    • Develop
    • Test
    • Implement

    Start to experiment and experience

    Are you looking for a challenge concerning your business strategy or branding? Then invite us to inspire you with best practices and ideas.

    Or are you about to start up a new business and would you like to sharpen your pitch? We’re your team!

    We’re launching our own digital innovation lab. A way to structurize, store and develop new ideas and best practices. You’re welcome to join us and experience the power of innovation. Simply leave us a message, we’ll do the rest!

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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