Talent Peaks launches new consulting service: Content Marketing

Start with an effective strategy.

In today’s digital world, several businesses invest heavily in online marketing and people are inundated with advertisements, blogs, etc.. As a result, our customers struggle to get their message noticed by their target audience (customers & candidates).

That means that text, imagery and video content must provide information that is relevant and interesting to people searching for information on the Internet.

Content marketing explained

Content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing content that is entertaining, informative and helpful to potential customers and candidates. This relevant content then directs readers back to your brand website, where you can capture leads. Successful content marketing creates positive associations to your (employer) brand!

An increasing number of our customers are asking Talent Peaks to guide them on this promising new strategy and implement content marketing.

Where to start?

Please take a look at our infographic.

We believe getting the basics right is key. That’s why we have put the customer and candidate journey as a path on the mountain with several stages. It is tempting to start at the top. In fact, most organizations start this way, to conclude that only content marketing as such is not helping them.

There is a reason why content marketing is not helping them. They didn’t take the time to get to implement content marketing in a sufficient manner: to really understand their target audience, implement the right technology, develop relevant content and continuously measure the results to optimize it.

Start with an effective strategy!

A solid content strategy will help you to understand your prioritiesyour personasyour own employer brand and how to implement your efforts into a process that helps your team get up to speed.

Once that’s done, we move further: creating valuable content, such as blog posts, vacancy texts, landing pages, optimization of existing content, social media content, the possibilities are numerous. Based on the strategy, we guide you in making relevant content that interests your key persona’s.

Content analytics can help

Creating relevant content is an ongoing process. After getting started, you will be able to see the results of your work. To help you with that, we visualize all relevant data in an unique content dashboard. This will give you valuable insights in the way your content performs:

  • Does it drive more traffic to your website?
  • Does it help you to attract the right visitors to your website?
  • Are you receiving more applications?
  • Which type of content works best with each target audience?

Based on this data, you can strengthen your strategy even further and delight your key personas with relevant content they would love to interact with. And you will be able to choose the right technology to optimize that customer and candidate journey even further.

How Talent Peaks can guide you

Some examples – we can guide you to:

  • understand your customer’s and candidate’s journey
  • get your team organized and help to get them started in creating relevant content
  • optimize your website to convert leads into candidates and/or customers
  • turn your data into content analytics

More info?

Please contact Judith via judith@talentpeaks.com, +31 (0)6-12 74 75 58 or LinkedIn.

Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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