Talent Peaks Invited to P&O Networking Event

What is HR/People Analytics?

Talent Peaks has been invited to give a presentation at the next P&O networking event (Wednesday the 15th of February). They asked us to share the current state of knowledge about People Analytics in combination with our own experience. P&O networking events are visited by a broad range of HR professionals who want to keep up with the latest trends in HR.

They organize approximately five meetings a year, from company visits to roundtable sessions and knowledge sharing presentations. These activities have a high impact and thus receive a lot of attention. Attendance ranges from small groups who visit companies to high attendance for presentations.


Trend watchers and experts predict that more organisations in 2017 will get started with data-driven decision-making within the HR domain. Successful examples of (inter)national companies, the rapid developments in technology and the search for strategic value of HR have certainly contributed to this trend. Yet more and more reports, including Deloitte 2016, state that the gap between current capabilities and desired capacities is becoming increasingly bigger. What could be causing this? Some underlying trends are:

  • Doubts regarding the right data quality
  • Data is stored in various front, middle and back office systems
  • Experiencing a capability gap in Skills, Knowledge and Insights
  • Lack of data culture
  • Non-cooperating IT department


At Talent Peaks, we are currently guiding some of our customers in their People Analytics journey. Based on our deep knowledge about analytics and HR business processes, we are guiding our clients to optimise their talent/employee journey based on big data. From strategic alignment and definition of KPI’s to the implementation of powerful simple dashboards for operational HR reporting and more advanced (predictive) analytics we are a trusted partner.

Presentation Content

The following topics will be covered during the presentation:

  • What is HR/People Analytics?
  • What could be the potential for my organization?
  • What role does technology play within the HR domain?
  • What does the future hold for both the HR domain and for HR Analytics?
Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman

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