Talent Peaks Goes to Gent

Talent Peaks Goes to Gent


From its humble start in the beginning of 2016 with the two managing partners, Stijn Vangenechten and Joram Timmerman, Talent Peaks has expanded to a team of ten Consultants in the course of ten months.

The featured photo shows the latest size of our team from left to right and back to front:

Christoph van Balen, Stijn Janssen, Christophe Poleur, Ronald Schep, Joram Timmerman, Stijn Vangenechten, Jort Roelink, Mariah Blankendal, Rachel van den Berg and Rocco Bertels (not shown in this image).

As Talent Peaks continues to grow, we continue to develop as a team with each member developing their own areas of expertise. During our latest update meeting we all gathered in Gent, Belgium to bond, discuss and update everyone on all aspects of the company and the latest technology trends for our customers like corporate HR, recruiting and staffing firms and professional services organisations.

After a lovely night of wandering the city, including a visit to the local city brewery (famous Gruut beers), we concluded by wining and dining in a perfect local restaurant. After this first night, we started the next day fresh with a full day of discussions, Q&As, live presentations and updates.


As we continue to grow and gain more specialised expertise, we find new and more effective ways to help our customers in optimising their talent, customer and user journey, by using Salesforce technology. Interested? Please find our infographic below or contact us!

Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman

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