05 Feb 2018

Talent Peaks goes to the Nordics

By: Judith van Oudheusden

And landed in a beautiful winter wonderland.

Great news, as of now, we are officially delivering our services to the Nordics as well! Our expert team, including Frank Gielen, Christoph van Balen and Stijn Janssen, traveled to Norway last week. It seems that they landed in a beautiful winter wonderland.

And, lucky them, this was not the last time. The project will be delivered in March 2018, so more trips to Oslo to come for them!

Their objective is to implement Connexys Resource Manager (LINK) for a team of 40 users. First step is a to-be process analysis. After that, they will configure the application based on their to-be process.

During these steps, our team will work closely with the team of Nordic end-users. In April, the application will be ready for use as our customer’s core recruitment application.

Good luck guys, have a great journey!

Winter Wonderland