Talent Peaks @ Dreamforce #5: Day 3

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Talent Peaks @ Dreamforce Day 3!

In the previous blogs where we talked about Dreamforce, you could see that our consultants Rachel and Danielle went sightseeing in San Francisco  and you could read about the most important insights our consultants gathered at the first and second day of Dreamforce. They also vlogged about their experiences throughout the first and second day of the event. 

On the third official day of Dreamforce on Thursday the 27th of September, Danielle joined sessions about the Pardot roadmap and how AI changes jobs, while Rachel mainly focused on the Service Cloud and the shift from voice to digital customer service. Danielle and Rachel filmed their experiences throughout the third day, just like they did on the first two days of Dreamforce. You can watch the vlog of Dreamforce day 3 on our YouTube channel or here below! 

Pardot Roadmap

In the morning Danielle visited a session concerning the roadmap of Pardot where they released some really cool new features. One of them is the new possibility to measure engagement on several brands in one Pardot environment, which they call ‘business units’. Secondly, Pardot has been working on their integration possibilities with applications from the Salesforce app exchange. Furthermore, customers can use more engagement studio templates, so they do not need to create them all by themselves. The last new feature they introduced was the new B2B marketing module. This module provides more enhanced and in-dept reporting possibilities with the help of Einstein marketing analytics. 

McKinsey Session: Artificial Intelligence

Afterwards, Danielle attented the McKinsey session about Artificial Intelligence. This session was about digital self-serve models for even the most sophisticated, global customers that will revolutionize the sales profession and roles. Robots will not steal our jobs, but our jobs will not be the same – and we need to be ready for the revolution. Jennifer Stanley, partner at McKinsey & Company’s shared which roles are most likely to be substantially impacted by AI, how the sales role overall will need to change to reflect the impact of AI on customer buying behaviors, and what specific capabilities sales executives need to have in order to remain relevant.

Service Cloud 

Rachel focused on the Service Cloud today. She was informed about the concept of 360 degree customer view, which we had seen already, but also new things like the shift in customer service from voice to digital. Companies try to lower their costs by providing digital customer service, but also try to communicate with customers in a way the customers wants with assistance of Einstein voice, Einstein bots and of course AI

85% of the customer service interactions in 2020 will be handled with AI!

Session by Peter Schwartz, Senior VP Strategic Planning at Salesforce

Danielle joined a session about AI transformation in jobs, presented by Peter Schwartz. New jobs will occur because of AI transformation, for example remote truck drivers who coordinate the trucks from behind a desk on parts of the job where human adaptive skills are needed. The most important skill will be the ability to learn new skills and unlearn traditional skills which will not be needed anymore. 

Peter Schwartz also stated that data is the new oil. Databrokers will occur in the future where in exchange for your data, you will receive an advantage based on your needs and organizations will be the buyers of your (anonymized) info. 

Doing Cool Stuff With Cool People

On the third day of Dreamforce there was also time for speaking with fellow Trailblazers and partners like Willem-Jan van Uden, Enterprise Sales Executive EMEA at FinancialForce. FinancialForce is one of the oldest partners of Salesforce and partly owned by Salesforce. They connect the Sales cloud and Service cloud for all project delivery organizations and they add finance ERP to the Salesforce platform. 

Willem-Jan van Uden, Enterprise Sales Executive EMEA: ‘We work closely together with Talent Peaks on several opportunities which is going really well. The knowledge Talent Peaks brings into the sales cases is very good!’

This was the recap of the third day of Dreamforce. Follow us on our LinkedIn and our YouTube page to follow us for upcoming blogs and vlogs, or read the previous blogs of day one and day two of Dreamforce. 

This was just a highlight out of the new insights we got from Dreamforce day 3. Do you want to know more about new insights we gathered from Dreamforce? Contact us!

Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman

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