Talent Peaks @ Dreamforce #4: Day two

Follow our consultants on their second day of Dreamforce.

Talent Peaks @ Dreamforce Day 2

In the previous blogs where we talked about Dreamforce, you could see that our consultants Rachel and Danielle went sightseeing in San Francisco  and you could read about the most important insights our consultants gathered at the first official day of Dreamforce. They also vlogged about their experiences throughout the first day: you can watch the vlog on our YouTube-channel

On the second official day of Dreamforce on Wednesday the 26th of September, Danielle and Rachel again visited several breakout sessions and inspirational speeches to learn more about new updates concerning Salesforce and their partners. Danielle and Rachel filmed their experiences throughout the day, just like they did on the first day of Dreamforce. You can watch the vlog of Dreamforce day 2 on our YouTube channel or here below!

Important Insights Gathered from Dreamforce Day 2

Strategic Alliance Apple & Salesforce

Danielle began her day learning more about the new strategic alliance between Apple and Salesforce. They started a collaboration which makes it possible for Salesforce to better integrate with Apple native apps. In combination with Einstein Voice you can make smarter decisions, based on AI. For example, you can ask Siri what your day is going to look like and Siri can answer you to leave in 45 minutes for your sales meeting and that you need to mention the football game of last weekend for having an increased chance of closing the deal.

KLM’s App on the Lightning Platform

Danielle also attended a session that presented a case of KLM. KLM presented their self-built application on the Salesforce Lightning platform through which they integrated several systems into Salesforce, creating a 360 degrees flight view. This integrated technology shows an accurate view of each flight and boosted the employee engagement, because this made it possible for the employees to do their work more efficiently.

Words of Wisdom by KLM: ‘Dream Big, Start Small, Scale Fast’.

Apex Coding & Lightning Flow Design 

Rachel attended the more technical sessions this day. In the morning she learned more about Apex coding: the world’s first on-demand programming language. Afterwards, she went to a Salesforce Lightning Flow designer course. In this course she learned more about Flow designer, which is an automation tool for developers and admins. These tools can be used to help our customers automate their processes and this will allow users to work more efficiently. 

Sales Cloud Keynote

One of the most important insights we got from the Sales Cloud Keynote was the announcement of myTrailhead. MyTrailhead allows you to create trails for your own users and environment, which will definitely contribute to user adoption. The second announcement from the Sales Cloud Keynote was the announcement of High Velocity Sales. This is a process that managers are able to use to organize their sales process, which helps them to work more efficiently and to work with the best practices in the system.

The three biggest advantages of High Velocity Sales: optimize prospecting, prioritize who best to call and reach customers faster. 

CPQ Keynote

In the afternoon, Rachel went to the CPQ keynote. In this keynote, they announced that CPQ will collaborate with Conga, a quote generation tool for easier quote generation.  They also officially announced CPQ billing, which will help users to fully work with the quote-to-cash process, including the financials. This helps us to get the whole customer 360 view together in one system. The last interesting announcement they made was Einstein pricing and Einstein analytics templates compatible with CPQ. 

Marketing Sessions 

Danielle visited some marketing sessions again on the second day of Dreamforce. She witnessed a case of Adidas, who shifted from persona-based marketing to individual journey-based marketing. They collect data from the individual customer to use for their marketing communication. There was also a presentation about the transformation of the change of the media landscape throughout the years. This presentation showed that you need to switch from return on investment to return on attention and that you need a way to monetize attention. AI can assist in grabbing the attention from your customer by presenting content in the right place, on the right time. 

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This was just a glimp of the new insights we got from Dreamforce day 2. Curious about more new insights we gathered from Dreamforce? Contact us!

Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman

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