Talent Peaks @ Dreamforce #3: Day one

Highlights of Salesforce product innovations

First Day of Dreamforce!

In the previous two blogs concerning Dreamforce we explained about Dreamforce and you could see our consultants Rachel and Danielle live our motto ‘having FUN’ in the city of San Francisco before the official start of the event. 

Tuesday the 25th of September was the first official day of Dreamforce, where our consultants attended several breakout sessions and inspirational speeches to learn more about new updates concerning Salesforce and their partners. Danielle and Rachel filmed their experiences throughout the day, so take a look at the vlog on our YouTube channel or watch the vlog below!

Danielle began her day with a session concerning a Salesforce customer that managed to implement Pardot and get their campaigns up and running within thirty days, while Rachel ran into Steve Mo, which all admins will recognize as one of the most dedicated contributors to the Salesforce Success Community. 

Rachel and Steve Mo @ Dreamforce

Interview With The Senior Vice President of Whatfix

In between the sessions, Danielle and Rachel also found time to speak with Vispi Daversenior vice president at Whatfix. Whatfix creates interactive walkthroughs inside Salesforce, that assists with onboarding new users, training and customer support. The walkthroughs are contextual: based on who you are and where you are, the appropriate walkthrough will show up on the right time. Whatfix anables accelerating product adoption and reducing support queries. Whatfix works with partners all over the world, including Talent Peaks. Talent Peaks previously held a webinar to demonstrate the strength of Whatfix and implemented Whatfix at several companies.

Vispi Daver: ‘Talent Peaks has been a really great partner for us. Talent Peaks has deployed Whatfix on Salesforce in Europe, on Connexys and now on Bullhorn as well. We value our partnership with Talent Peaks very much!’ 

‘What is your ‘Talent’?

Talent Peaks is all about using your talent and getting the most out of it. That is why Danielle and Rachel are attending Dreamforce right now: to get better at what they do and to learn more about Salesforce to improve service to our customers. They also asked other Dreamforce visitors about their expectations of the event and about what their talent is. Watch the vlog to see the answers to these questions!

Important Insights From Dreamforce Day 1

After the Welcome Jamboree where our consultants got to know fellow Trailblazers in a more informal way, Danielle and Rachel summarized their first day of Dreamforce and the insights they got from the sessions they attended.

Danielle mainly focused on marketing and discovered that marketing these days is all about a 360 degrees customer view. You have to know your customer in order to be relevant in all phases of the customer journey.  Traditional channel marketing is making place for customer journey oriented marketing. Analytics help to determine your top performing campaigns and help to determine which channel to select to send your message across. AI helps to define your top prospects and in which point of the customer journey they are. Personalisation is key!

After this session, Danielle visited a session about employee apps. The main question was about how to engage more with your employees. An employee is a customer nowadays: companies have to provide their employees with the right tooling and technologies in order for them to be productive. With the arrival of Salesforce Lightning, companies can provide their employees with better tooling. 

Rachel went to a Lightning session by one of Salesforce’s MVP’s, who are very active in the Salesforce community. They shared tips and tricks concerning user-friendliness, such as customizing tabs and the use of pictures. After this session, Rachel attended the admin keynote, where they shared more information about new Salesforce features coming up, such as the new page layout editor, which provides you with many options setting up pages for your customers. 

Danielle and Rachel also spoke with a lot of new partners, who shared some interesting insights about their tools.

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Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman

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