24 Sep 2018

Talent Peaks @ Dreamforce #2: San Francisco

By: Joram Timmerman

Sightseeing in San Francisco before Dreamforce

Talent Peaks @ San Francisco!

Before the start of Dreamforce (read our previous blog where we explain more about Dreamforce) our consultants Rachel and Danielle had the time to go sightseeing in San Francisco and explore the city!


Our consultants were already welcomed by Dreamforce at Schiphol Airport. This already shows the greatness of Dreamforce as being the biggest Salesforce event in the world. 

Rachel and Danielle are ready for take-off to Dreamforce!

Salesforce Headquarters_1

San Francisco is not only the hometown of Dreamforce, but you can also find the Salesforce Tower here. The Salesforce tower is Salesforce's worldwide headquarter, which is a 1,070-foot (326 m) office skyscraper in the South of Market district of downtown San Francisco. This makes it the tallest skyscraper in the San Francisco skyline!

Golden Gate Bridge 2

Of course, a visit to San Francisco is not complete without a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge!

cityhall San Francisco
Rachel and Danielle also visited the enormous San Francisco's City Hall, which is characterized by its 'beaux-arts' architectural style. 

Badges Dreamforce

Danielle and Rachel registered themselves as Salesforce partners and Dreamforce visitors, and received their personal badge, which allows them to enter Dreamforce the rest of the week. 

Visiting a baseballgame

Besides Dreamforce, San Francisco is also the hometown of the San Francisco Giants. A visit to a baseballgame of the San Francisco Giants could not be missed!

Tuesday the 25th of September Dreamforce officially begins, so follow us on our LinkedIn and YouTube page to stay updated about our experiences during Dreamforce!