Meet Steven Raes; our new Salesforce Consultant

“Live in the present, cherish memories from the past and plan the future you prefer”

Talent Peaks is growing fast! Especially in the Belgian region, we welcomed quite some new talent lately. Let’s introduce the always cheerful Steven Raes. Steven is working as a Salesforce consultant, project manager, design, implement and analytics with a multi cloud focus.

Why did you choose for Talent Peaks?

Talent Peaks is a company where fun is an important value and they really take care of your work life balance. It is a close team with loads of events and information exchange moments. I love the take-the-agile-approach in projects because it immediately adds value for our clients. Besides that, it is also a fun way of collaborating.

What will be your main focus at Talent Peaks?

I will be working on multi cloud projects as a project manager, design consultant and implement consultant. This means managing the project and participating in workshops to draw out journeys and processes together with our clients. But I’ll also be pushing the buttons in Salesforce to get the solution to match the requirements of our clients.

Could you tell us something about your career path?

I’m specializing in recruitment and professional services and matching apps in the Salesforce ecosystem. I will build up technical knowledge as well, so I can best serve our clients on a functional and technical level.

What will you bring?

I have a structured project approach in multi cloud projects and lots of technical experience in elaborate projects with a complex architecture and integrations. My experience in process design, the agile project approach, and professional services will help us grow in this industry and enable us to take on projects with a complex application landscape.

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Looking back on your onboarding?

I received a very warm welcome and a solid introduction about where I can find information. I was immediately involved in new opportunities and could make myself useful for the BoostKMO project at Attentia. After a few weeks already, I could initiate a beautiful track for a multi cloud project. The support I got from the colleagues was amazing. Besides that, in December, I joined my very first quarterly TP Update meeting which was a lot of fun.

Tell us one thing we really want to know about you?

I am a father of 2 beautiful kids and husband of a beautiful wife who supports me in everything I do professionally. For me, work and private life are blending together and at Talent Peaks this is working out perfectly for me. I like to watch a good movie and listen to some rock music, and I love to get together and have dinner with friends or enjoy a good party.

Steven, it’s great to have you in the Talent Peaks family. By the looks of Pieterjan Standaert (shining on the right in the picture), your big smile and enthusiastic energy is proven catchy already ;-). Have fun and enjoy the ride in our cool projects!

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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