Sharing Our Vision and Tips About Our First Salesforce Certification!

Sharing Our Vision and Tips About Our First Salesforce Certification!


Our current clients value our expertise and flexibility in delivering tailor-made solutions to their requirements. However, what about you as an interested firm evaluating our consultancy services? 

To communicate our consultancy quality, more clearly and credibly, to prospects and existing customers, it is key to get Salesforce certified. As a starting point, Salesforce requires an Admin to maintain a fair balance of technical details and the application of functionalities. Thus, certified Admins know most of the technicalities themselves and are members of the exclusive Salesforce Success Community that allows a quick resolution of any implementation issue.


One of the major challenges of studying for a Certification exam is the abundance of information. Meanwhile Salesforce remains rather vague about how in depth you need to know the material. Fortunately, there are some Salesforce enthusiasts out there that provide excellent practice material. In my personal experience, I managed to pass the exam by running through the Salesforce Trailheads, completing all chapters on (great site that breaks down all topics into subtopics!), and finally, the essential practice of mock exam questions on Focus on Force (for Resources see below).

All in all, the entire initiative of certifying our Consultants resulted from an increasing urge from current clients. More importantly, it prominently marks our ambition at Talent Peaks to distinguish ourselves as an expert, niche consultancy firm optimising our customers’ talent and customer journeys. Thus, if you want to check whether respective consultants for your project are certified, feel free to search for their names on the Salesforce Certification Database:


Certified Administrators are just the beginning. At Talent Peaks, we already look further ahead in terms of knowledge management. To make this transparent to you we decided to adopt the philosophy of Subject-Matter Experts (SME), meaning that all the Consultants possess general knowledge of Talent Peaks’ business services. On the technical side, this is perfectly covered by the Salesforce Admin Certification.

Yet, the beauty of the SME concept goes beyond that. Every consultant will develop expert skills within a certain, functional area as displayed in the figure below (e.g., focusing on certain parts of Salesforce, specific Apps, or on a specific stage in the talent or customer journey, etc.). This will be reflected by future certifications on the technical front (e.g., Developer, Mobile Solutions Architect, App Builder) as well as on the more business-oriented side (e.g., Sales/Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc.). This knowledge management strategy will allow us to maintain a flexible and highly skilled consultant workforce that delivers the right solution to your challenges. We will talk in more depth about our acquisition of SMEs in upcoming blogs.



Learn more about SME or contact us.

Chapters & Sub-chapters for Certification

Practice Exam Questions

Christoph van Balen

Christoph van Balen

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