A successful Salesforce training program in five steps

Make sure all users know how to make the most of Salesforce

So, you’ve decided to switch to Salesforce, one of the world’s leading cloud platforms. A great decision that will change your business even more than you can imagine. But how will you make sure that your users can and will make the most of the solution? A successful implementation stands or falls with adequate training and onboarding. In this blog we will give you five tips on how to set up an effective training program.

#1 Set your training goals

Determine why you want to set up a training program and specify the goals and the KPIs. Make sure these goals align with your business objectives and targets. Set clear training objectives and describe the training requirements. Draw up a timeline, provide for refreshing intervals, contextual and post training support.

#2 Segment your user groups

Training and onboarding programs can be developed for different kinds of user groups. You can specify different user groups according to the type of work and the way they will use the solution. Another segmentation can be according the stage your users are in. For example, you can develop training programs for new hires, current users or for refreshing knowledge.

#3 Personalize content per user group

Develop clear and easy to grasp content for each segmentation group. Map the content based on the goals you have set. Make sure your trainings are easy to digest and the examples resonate with the daily practice of the audience.

#4 Make the training accessible and approachable

Rather than organizing classroom training, it is far more efficient and effective to use methods like e-learning, on-demand and in-app digital training. This way users have access to the training program whenever and wherever they want.

#5 Analyze and optimize

Develop key training and adoption metrics to measure the effectiveness of your training and onboarding program. Create a baseline, focus your data analysis on your goals and objectives. Evaluate your achievements as yet and finetune the steps in the process where necessary. This way, you program gets better and better.

Whatfix: State-of-the art-training app on the Salesforce Platform

Sure, developing a solid training demands time and effort. But we have a great support tool for you! Whatfix is a powerful app for training and adoption which is available on the Salesforce Platform. You can use it as a browser plugin that puts a layer on the Salesforce application. With Whatfix you can easily create step-by-step walkthroughs with smart content. Users can enjoy interactive learning wherever and whenever they want without any coding necessary on your part.  

Let’s make Salesforce work!

Many of our customers in the Professional Services, Staffing & Recruitment and Media Services industry choose to deploy Whatfix to advance Salesforce adoption and onboarding. Interested? We’d love to share best practices on how this app can boost the impact Salesforce can have for your organization. 

Discover the 5-step framework

Wanna hear more? Feel free to watch the webinar Whatfix and Talent Peaks and discover how to design a simple, yet impactful five stage framework for effective Salesforce training and user adoption.

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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