Has Lightning struck yet? Check out these hot Salesforce releases

Our favorite newest Salesforce Lightning features

Salesforce is already prepping us for the future. As per now Salesforce will gradually be turning on Lightning for all orgs as they find it important for everyone to benefit from all the new features that are only developed for Lightning. There is still a way to escape the prompting to Lightning. If you are really not ready for the move yet, you can disable the ‘Lightning experience user’ on your user profiles. Though, they have been working hard to make loads more possible in this release. So, before you switch it off directly, check out all those new features first. Here are a few of my favorites:

#1 Access to the recycle bin in Lightning

This is one we have all been waiting for, we can now finally access the Recycle bin without switching back to Classic, yeey! You can find it in the App launcher.

#2 Massive improvements on search capabilities

By assigning users the Einstein Search, Einstein Search Results Based on Conversational Search, and Einstein Search Record previews permission sets you open up a world of new ways to help your users to find the right data faster. Previews, direct access to quick actions, personalized search results and more!

#3 The new Salesforce mobile app

From October 14 onwards, the new mobile app will be available. To be able to use it you need to enable your org and assign users the “New Salesforce Mobile App” permission. The new app is more aligned with the desktop version (launch apps with the App launcher) and allows you to design pages specifically for mobile-use. To make the transition easier, Salesforce added a “Mobile Only” app to the menu which still works as the old app. Users can use the App launcher to switch between the old Mobile Only app and Apps they are used working with on their desktop.

#4 Extras for Opportunities

You can sort opportunity products, use dependent picklists when adding opportunity products, set a default quantity for opportunity products, and as cherry on the cake you can now use the filter “My team’s opportunities” when creating opportunity list views.

#5 Email and templates

Some really nice improvements on this part. We are able to add more HTML styling to email templates like (-head, -meta, -title, and -style tags which allows us to make them a lot fancier than before. We can also add {{{Sender.Signature}}} to the templates which includes the sender’s existing signature. As shown on the picture users will be able to find related files to attach to the email a lot faster and can also copy and paste images from the web without saving them first.

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