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Meet Salesforce Expert Hans Post

Success is achieved by making mistakes: Don’t be afraid to fail”

Drum roll …  Ladies and Gentlemen. We are happy to present: Hans Post, a new player in the Talent Peaks orchestra. Hans is a seasoned expert and a huge fan of Salesforce. So it goes without saying that we are overjoyed that he decided to team up with us. Let’s introduce him.

What will be your role at Talent Peaks?

I totally can relate to the mission of Talent Peaks: we help people grow. Being a coach and a teacher is one of my favorite things. So I will bring experience, knowledge and a drive to coach and help both colleagues and customers in improving their skills and insights. 

For my colleagues I will be the experienced consultant who will guide them in their professional development. Help them discover when to say Yes, when to say No and the importance of never forgetting to ask the crucial question Why?

For in my opinion, IT-consultancy is meant to determine the goal of automated solutions. People want a button, a screen, an overview; and they want it for a reason. Consultancy should be about goals, not about buttons.

From teacher to ‘the marketing & IT guy’

In 1992 I started my career as the ‘Marketing-and IT guy’ at a Publishing House (books on psychology, sociology, pedagogy) for the education sector. Given my background as a teacher, this was perfect. I had been playing around with computers since I was a kid so the combination of interests was spot on!

I continued my career in the IT-sector in 2001 as a consultant, but I still benefit and rely on the experience at that Publishing House.

I worked on many projects that involved many systems, methods, platforms and languages but the main part was Microsoft-technology based. That was until 2008 when I discovered Force.com.

“Consultancy should be about the goals, not about the buttons.”

And then there was Salesforce

After a life of about 15+ years in Microsoft (since 1992) – network and programming (Classic ASP and ASPdotNET) technology, I stumbled upon Force.com in 2008 – in search of a platform for my own ‘app’.
I got hooked immediately and I consequently dived into Salesforce technology; at that time, Sales Cloud. I have loved to be part of the Ohana (the Salesforce Community) ever since.

Creating functionality; providing a solid yet easy-to-use solution; listening to customers and/or end-users and translating that to a Salesforce solution… That’s what keeps me going!

“Once I stumbled upon Salesforce, I immediately got hooked. I love to be part of the Salesforce Ohana ever since.”

Why work for Talent Peaks?

I was a self-employed consultant for about 12 years. Being specialized in the implementation of Salesforce (and a few Salesforce apps such as AscentERP and Conga) I have worked together with a lot of Salesforce Consultancy companies. The last 2 years I felt that working alone became too lonesome; I wanted to be part of a learning team.

The conversations with Talent Peaks made clear that we looked at automation and (the role of) Salesforce in the same way. The decision to become part of this amazing company was easy.

How does it feel to be part of a team again?

As far as recruitment is concerned, Talent Peaks surely embraces the motto Practice what you preach. The vibe I experienced in my candidate journey proved to be true. These first months, it was so nice to experience first hand that Talent Peaks actually is all about people, sharing skills, having fun and supporting each other. 

And the drum roll?

I love playing the drums. With some friends we had our own band for 25 years. We used to rehearse at least once a week. We can’t wait to come together again.

Welcome to the family, Hans. You already showed in a Gmeet what a virtuous drummer you are, so we can’t wait to enjoy a real live performance. Perhaps in one of our famous TP Update meetings?

“After being self-employed for 12 years, I want to be part of a learning organization. With my knowledge and experience, I now manage projects while at the same time help my colleagues grow.”

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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