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What if you could tell your story by mastering big data?

What if you could tell your story by mastering big data? What if data could help you predict which steps to take first in order to stay successful? What if we’d tell you it could be done?

Ronald Schep and Stijn Janssen (both People Analytics Consultant at Talent Peaks) explained in the latest webinar people analytics how.

The goal of the webinar

The webinar was hosted by Hanae el Hachmioui (Marketeer at Connexys). She explained how Connexys notices the newest developments in recruitment as it comes to data and asked Ronald the question: ‘Why are we here today?’

Ronald: ‘People Analytics are very popular right now. We hear success stories from large technology organizations. But most of our customers are just at the beginning of this process. We want to explain the meaning of People Analytics for organizations who realize it is time to start implementing the use of data right now.’

The use of People Analytics

Ronald explains the use of People Analytics and how it can support our way of work. Then he shows how to implement People Analytics from scratch by taking little steps at a time, to make sure the basics are accurate and useful to build your strategy on.

After that, Stijn shows a few best practices on how Talent Peaks implemented People Analytics in the past.

How to start?

At the end of the webinar, Hanae asked Ronald and Stijn for 1 tip for organizations how to start–up People Analytics.

Ronald: ‘Start small. Focus on data-quality first, and cherish the first small successes.’

Stijn:  ‘Know your vision and strategy. What do you want to accomplish with your efforts?’

Start telling your story

Would you like to start telling your story through People Analytics? Talent Peaks offers an individual Deep Dive session for everyone who is interested to learn how People Analytics can change their organization. Find out how we can guide your digital transformation through People Analytics.

Watch the webinar people analytics:

Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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