03 Dec 2016

Recap Salesforce Apps Webinar Series: Documill

By: Stijn Vangenechten


The Salesforce Apps Webinar Series, hosted by Connexys and Talent Peaks, continues with its third episode featuring Whatfix and the Connexys Resource Manager. Whatfix allows businesses to ease onboarding, improve support and reduce training efforts through smarter training. Our own Joram Timmerman (managing partner) and Rachel van den Berg (Consultant) will be the main speakers during this episode. They will explain how to use the Whatfix solution inside the Connexys Resource Manager.

Mark your calendars!

Date: 8 dec 10:30 - 11:00 

Stay tuned for the next news post in which we provide further information on this webinar.


In preparation for the upcoming webinar we start by recapping the last webinar together with Documill. This past episode covered effective document automation solutions for enterprises with the use of Documill's Dynamo. During this episode, Documill specialist, Andrew Christie, demonstrated how to make the most of Dynamo. Click this link to recap or to get an idea of how to use this Salesforce app to effectively create customer documents, such as customer offerings.

If you missed the last episode on Documill watch the video below:

Webinar: Documill Dynamo App | Bullhorn NL


In a series of webinars, together with Connexys, we will highlight the most interesting apps on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. For each episode a specialist will join to share their expertise.