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Growth, competition and promising opportunities. 3 Tips to excel

Successful leaders check if business is still on the right track. For the Professional Services industry, this promises to be a time of continuing growth, challenging competition and lots of opportunities. Is your team heading for success and are you meeting or overshooting your targets? Let’s discuss some trends that will give you a head start in this competitive branch of industry.

#1. Go for a customer centric approach

Industry best practices show us that the #1 focus is a 360 degrees customer approach. As a consulting company, you should use every opportunity to surprise your client. This is the very reason why your company was founded, right? And thus, your customer should be your one and only objective in business. Too often, however, we are caught up in our daily routine, busy with all kinds of urgent and important things, only to forget why we do things in the first place.

Let’s be honest: how often do you have personal, one on one contact with your clients? Do you know them personally? Can you tell what are their biggest concerns, what makes them happy and what keeps them awake at night? Can you easily put forward all ins and outs about your running projects. Is your team working flawlessly together with the client’s team?

With future proof technology, the Salesforce platform can help you manage all activities on sales, projects and customers in one place in a more effective and efficient way than you do today. Having access to every relevant detail on every relevant topic, whenever you like, on any device. That’s the way technology turns data into information. Take advantage of all information you have at your fingertips and use that knowledge to surprise your clients with an exceptional customer journey.

#2. Adopt smart technology and put innovation to use

The world is changing rapidly and as far as technology is concerned, it seems the sky’s the limit. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science. Those are buzzwords you often hear in terms of digital technology. And with a reason. Technological developments occur in a dizzying speed. For the professional services industry, technology is becoming more and more important. It allows you to work smarter and more efficient, which will make you stand out from the competition. Let’s look at some promising examples.

Did you know that there are smart apps that allow you to automatically make a project planning and scheduling based on skills and availabilities? And what about prediction and forecasting intelligence? Can you imagine the comfort of having a tool that can accurately forecast revenue and predicting resource requirements in a rapidly changing environment? 

What about an app that will not only predict which resources you will need for the next project, but also tells you where to find them and how to engage them with your company?

The technological possibilities seem to be limitless. What’s important is to reflect on what technology will make real impact on the way you conduct business. Decide what tools will help you improve your customer journey. After all, technology never is a goal on its own, it’s a vessel that helps you to perform better, work more efficiently, create more impact and achieve more customer satisfaction and engagement.

#3. Align your apps and processes and make work more fun

The professional services industry is an interesting but complex industry. But if you make it simple, it all boils down to one thing: getting the right people on the right projects in the right time at the right cost. To be able to do that, you need perfect alignment in your business. A smooth calibration of all activities concerning sales, resources, projects, and services including HR and finance.

A leading PSA solution helps you take the driver’s seat and take control of your business. That way, you can manage people, execute projects and collect your cash on one integrated platform. This will definitely result in increased work efficiency, better utilization of resources and growing margins.

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And, even more important, it will bring you happy employees. With the right technology, they can stop doing boring, repetitive work, make less mistakes and have an effective and pleasant collaboration with their co-workers. Instead of focusing on the boring paperwork and administration, they can start focusing on what really matters: doing an excellent job and keeping customers satisfied.

Ask yourself three questions

The advantages of technology are countless. It is tempting to always want to have it all. And it sometimes might be difficult to choose from the wide range of solutions available. In doubt, always remember the WHY. When selecting the right tools, ask yourself three things:

  • Does it make a substantial impact in delighting our customers?
  • Will  enhance my employees’ performance and their job satisfaction?
  • Will it allow my employees, partners and clients to collaborate better?

Discover the Salesforce Platform

Align your organization in one platform and get a 360° view on your customer and your business. The Salesforce Customer Success Platform allows you to integrate all activities of Marketing, Sales, Project Delivery, Service, HR and Finance.

With our industry expertise, intelligent apps and unique consulting DNA we can make you grow your business. Taking customer and user journeys as a starting point, we help you optimize the complete lead-to-cash process. Result: happy customers, engaged employees and higher profitability.  Curious how Salesforce technology can impact your business? Our industry experts would love to meet you and explore the opportunities Professional Services Automation can offer you. Email or call me (+32 – 495 59 49 81) or leave a message

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