Process Design for REEF and FORTEC

Helping REEF and FORTEC define their processes

Process Design for REEF and FORTEC

We frequently facilitate our customers with their process design, for instance in preparation of the selection or implementation of a new system. We do so by organizing workshops with stakeholders and (key) users; often very diverse groups!

Some of the participants come into the workshops quite reserved, others are prepared to the last detail. No matter the role they play in the project or their level of preparation, many times they seem to wonder: ‘What do we get out of this?’

Recruitment agencies REEF & FORTEC

REEF and FORTEC, two recruitment agencies in Eindhoven, invited us to host several workshops to define their sales and recruitment processes, and translate this to functional requirements for the implementation Bullhorn Connexys; a software they will be using for CRM and applicant tracking. Driving there, after a nice lunch with one of my colleagues, I wondered: what will this audience be like? What dynamics will I see during the workshop? A week before, I had met some of the participants for one on one sessions, exploring their way of working, focus and current issues. They already had a clear view on their processes, but seemed to find it hard to look at them without the constraints of their current software. Armed with a roll of brown paper and a fair amount of post-its, I arrived at their office and started setting up. Soon after, the participants came in and we were off to a dynamic day, with a positive vibe, lots of open discussions and a creative session at the end, defining a cool project name for the implementation.

So, what do you get out of these process design sessions..?

As I mentioned, I think many of the participants in these sessions come into this wondering what the outcome will be, and how it will help them with their next steps. And I can imagine that it can feel somewhat strange: preparing for an implementation by focusing on your process and leaving all technical details out of it! We find that these sessions help get (and keep!) a better focus on your organization’s core business.

Instead of being driven by the technical (im)possibilities of the system you are implementing, take a step back first; looking at your organizationyour valuesyour people and customers. What is it that you truly need, and how can the system support you in that? Capture this and then translate towards your technical requirements. That gives you sound input for the implementation process. As for REEF & FORTEC: during our workshops we designed their process, identified where they would need interfaces with their back office software and we created a first set of KPI’s. All of this was translated into requirements and areas of attention for the implementation of Bullhorn Connexys.

And REEF’s and FORTEC’s feedback?

‘You gave us the opportunity to dream about the desired process, without thinking too much about the constraints of our current or future software. You guided us through this process, giving us room to elaborate, but keeping an eye on the big picture and bringing us back to the right focus when we needed it.’

To the REEF & FORTEC project team I would like to say: thanks for welcoming me to your office and for the great sessions we had. I hope I have contributed to a great implementation!

Frank Gielen

Frank Gielen

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