Pieterjan Standaert, our new Managing Partner

“Technology brings the staffing & recruitment industry closer to customers & employees.”

From 1 January 2019, Talent Peaks has welcomed Pieterjan Standaert as a Managing Partner. He has been part of the Talent Peaks family since October 2017 as a Business Consultant and from this year on, he extends his ownership to help Talent Peaks become the best Salesforce Consulting Partner for service industries in the Benelux. Let’s get to know the person behind the professional.

Why did you join Talent Peaks?

I have a background in the Staffing and Recruiting industry and there I identified the increasing impact digital innovation can have on businesses. At Talent Peaks I can really help our customers take performance to the next level. It’s challenging and fulfilling to profoundly listen to a customer and find out what he really wants. Discover the why behind the why.

Successfully doing business boils down to making meaningful connections. Once you know what you really want to achieve, you can explore how you can optimize processes and select the right technology. And then the fun stuff begins. I believe people deal with people. Technology makes work more effective, less repetitive and less time consuming. And that allows people to start focussing on what really matters: your customers, your candidates, your targets.

You know all about customers and candidates, right?

I have a long track record and a rich network in Staffing and Recruiting. I started as a consultant in various staffing agencies and promoted to area manager at Maandag. After that, I became a Commercial Manager at Randstad Nederland where I was responsible for Inhouse Services and Sales. An extremely interesting role, because already knowing all the ins and outs about sales, I then cultivated being a trusted partner for customers.

It’s truly rewarding to discover how to be able to add value to their business and help them improve their total workforce approach. Empower people with different personalities and different backgrounds so they can excel and flourish individually and as a team. That is a challenge that puts a smile on my face.

Technology allows people to focus on what really matters: making meaningful connections with customers, candidates and employees.

Could you tell us a bit more about the person behind the Managing Partner?

I think in my private life I am quite the same as in my professional life. I am a people person. Family and personal relationships are very important to me. Since I became a father I more than ever realize that I work to live and not vice versa. So I integrate my personal values in my professional life.

That is also why I chose to become part of the Talent Peaks family. We have a great team of experts, we set ambitious goals, work hard and have strong values that perfectly match my personal drivers. If you find such a match and you love what you are doing, then energy flows naturally, you deeply connect with people and together you achieve goals beyond expectations.

What will be your mission at Talent Peaks?

As a Managing Partner I am responsible for the business development and business consulting of Talent Peaks and for enhancing our service in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. Everything I learned about this particular business, I can pass on to our consultants. In their turn, they provide me with extra technological insights. In that way, as a team, we can create an even better future for our customers.

At Talent Peaks, we deeply care about providing a pleasant working environment, ongoing personal and professional development and a customer centered approach. Did you know we are one of the few consulting partners that primarily focus on customer satisfaction, instead of cold figures like billable hours and turnover in their performance model? And we’re doing a great job at contenting our clients: on a scale from 1 to 10 we score an average of 8,52 on customer satisfaction!

At Talent Peaks, we deeply care about providing a pleasant working environment, ongoing personal and professional development and a customer centered approach.

Besides that, it’s my mission to develop our HR management in a way that it becomes a brand essence. Our hashtag #doingcoolstuffwithcoolpeople in fact says it all and I want to elaborate on that. It really ís fun to work at Talent Peaks. We keep each other sharp and constantly challenge each other with innovations and new insights. That’s why we can position ourselves as experienced guides for our customers and make as much impact on their business as possible. Most of all, we all believe in co-creation, with colleagues, customers and partners.

Making HR a brand essence. Do you have tips for your peers?

Sure, I will gladly share my insights with HR professionals and entrepreneurs in the field. So if you want to brainstorm on the topic, feel free to contact me anytime. On my part, I too am curious what experiences innovative HR professionals have with HR as a brand essence. Like to exchange views? Please give me a call (+31 6 19 29 95 93) or send me an email.

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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