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5 tips to optimize your candidate & customer journey and generate more leads

Founder of Unilever, William Hesketh Lever (1851-1925), is told to have once said, “I know that half the money I spend on marketing is wasted. My only problem is that I don’t know which half.”

Many marketers can relate to that. It is always al challenge to figure out which efforts  contribute to closing new deals and finding the right candidates and which don’t. Which blogs are driving conversion? Which social posts are performing well and which nurturing campaign resonates best with possible candidates and prospects? All crucial information that helps you make the right decisions and refine your tactics.

Gathering the right information and aligning and optimizing marketing efforts is not an easy task. Some of us juggle with several separate tools to get the job done. Others are spending a great deal of time on collecting different data from various sources, trying to find the right answers. But there’s a much better way for reaching your goals. It’s called Pardot.

Why Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation?

Pardot is a marketing automation solution which gives you numerous possibilities to transfer the hottest leads to your colleagues in sales and recruitment. It enables you to create personalized content for your prospects, to convert unknown website-visitors into known prospects and nurture your prospects through custom fit nurturing campaigns. How does all of this work? Let’s show you some of Pardot’s greatest values. 

1. Progressive profiling

Pardot allows you to convert unknown website visitors into known prospects. Offer specialized content-pieces to help your visitors gain knowledge, have them participate in webinars and invite them to interesting events. And ask for just a little bit more information in each step of the way.

The better the offering, the more likely prospects and candidates are willing to tell you a little bit more about themselves. Pardot keeps your forms as short as possible and automatically assigns visitors to the right segments. No more exporting lists and segmenting every single contact by hand.

2. Lead scoring and grading

Not everyone who fills out a Pardot-form on the website will automatically be an interesting lead right away. Some of them might be students, interested in your topic. Or partners, who want to learn more about your offerings. And some are just not that interested at all and will only visit your website once. Even though all these contacts may help you establish your brand, you just don’t want sales and recruitment waste their resources on this type of leads.

Pardot enables you to only forward leads to your teams that are really worthwhile following up. Based on their interactions with your website and campaigns, Pardot allows you to automatically grant scores to your prospects. Besides that, Pardot grades your prospects based on their profiles. This ensures you to only forward prospects with both the right interest AND the right profiles as well.

3. Customer journey nurturing

The beauty of Pardot is, that you don’t have to sit back and wait for prospects and candidates to get in action. Once they provided you with their email address, you can start building the relationship from your side as well. Through Pardot’s Engagement Studio, you can set up intuitive nurturing campaigns. Based on specific actions, or on specific time-intervals, you can guide prospects and candidates through their journey and help them get acquainted with your offerings exactly on the moment they’re ready for it.

4. Push warm leads into Salesforce

Are your candidates and prospects all warmed up and ready for recruitment and sales to take over? Pardot automatically converts prospects and candidates into Marketing Qualified leads and presents them to the appointed sales representative within Salesforce. Your teams will be able to see their lead’s history with your brand which helps them to start of the conversation on the right topics right away instead of figuring out what their lead might be interested in.

5. Learn & improve 

As soon as you start gathering information about your prospects, you will be able to learn from you actions. Do your marketing efforts result in valuable leads? Which campaigns have contributed to conversions? And which didn’t? What type of content resonates well with your audience? This knowledge will help you to focus on creating the right type of content and become a valuable asset to the sales team.

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Pardot sets you up for success

Besides the best practices we showed you above, Pardot has a wide range of possibilities to cover your needs. Organizations who started their journey with Pardot report an increased marketing ROI by 34% and on average 37% more campaign effectiveness. Interested in how Talent Peaks can guide you to optimize your marketing process with Pardot? Feel free to contact us. Our expert consultants would love to explore the possibilities for your organization and dive into the advantages Pardot has to offer you.

Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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