Go Live Olympia with recruiting system on Salesforce

New Bullhorn ATS accelerates digital journey

With the team of recruitment agency Olympia, we celebrated the go-live of their new applicant tracking system, the Bullhorn Connexys ATS on the Salesforce platform. Olympia is a well-known Staffing and Recruiting agency who advocates giving meaning to work. The corporate recruitment department of Olympia said goodbye to their spreadsheets. From now on they can serve their candidates in a uniform matter. This has been another step in their accelerating digital journey in order to bring the most value to their candidates and customers. Their sales colleagues already celebrated the go live with Sales Cloud CRM a few months earlier.

Agile approach: pressure cooker project

The project was set up as an pressure cooker idea: building a minimal viable product (MVP) in an agile way and continue improving once the system is in use. As with every implementation, new ideas and adjustments come along once you start working with it and we see this agile approach works for our customers. For this reason, we reserved some support time in advance for these new wishes after the go-live. Since we trained their Salesforce administrator, they can easily configure future changes in-house.

Build a minimal viable product (MVP) in an agile way and continue improving once the system is in use

Olympia’s new career website

Linear to the implementation of the ATS was the development of Olympia’s new career site. We managed to keep these two projects aligned. Candidates could apply through the new career website, while their applications are automatically pushed into Connexys and jobs created in Connexys can be published directly on their website.

Olympia gives work meaning

The result of this pressure cooker project: a clean and mean configuration where GDPR, the employer values of Olympia and the touchpoints with their future employees were thoughtfully considered. After all, Olympia gives work meaning. They want to get to know the candidate personally during the recruitment process in order to see if there is a cultural fit with one’s beliefs. This new ATS gives the recruiters the tool to manage this process even more carefully.

” Talent Peaks successfully guided Olympia in the digital transformation of our CRM activities by analyzing our sales process and bringing our current Salesforce Sales Cloud solution to a next level, in order to optimize customer engagement. Talent Peaks is a trusted partner based on their DNA, experience and focus on results.”
– Jacco Euser, Director HR & Development Olympia

Danielle de Ruwe

Danielle de Ruwe

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