Talent Peaks roadmap. Looking forward to 2020

Joram Timmerman talks about new developments and future plans.

December, in his blog, my colleague Frank looked back on the previous year. Now it’s up to me to give you a preview of our strategic highlights for 2020.

We know your business 

Industry specific knowledge is essential to understand your customer’s business and allows you to implement Salesforce successfully. Without, one cannot make significant impact as a consultant. I do not believe that Salesforce consultants can implement Salesforce for example at a bank and in parallel run a Salesforce implementation at a construction company. By doing this, technology knowledge becomes leading instead of the desired business process.

Focus, focus, focus …

Focus on media and people business (staffing & recruitment and professional services) is one of our key success factors for growth and gives us a big competitive advantage in the Salesforce Consulting Partner Ecosystem. Customers as well as Salesforce often compliment us on our unique combination of deep technology and industry knowledge. It goes without saying that we will keep on focussing on these 3 industries in 2020.

Introducing Talent Peaks Basecamp

Looking back on 2019, we did a lot of really cool and impactful Salesforce implementation projects. In the process, we signalled a growing trend that customers call for more than our consulting services based on ‘to be’ business processes. Guiding their journey after the first go-live becomes more important than ever. That led to Talent Peaks Basecamp. Our brand new service model that provides customers with industry specific knowledge, introduces new Salesforce solutions or configurations and help them in administering their Salesforce environment.

Custom Development Services

As of recently, we also have the opportunity to offer our customers tailor made development services. During our implementation projects we sometimes get to a point that custom development of certain parts of Salesforce is necessary to create the most impact. That is why we decided to invest and extend our development team based on a strategic partnership with a Salesforce development partner, all under passionate supervision of our CTO Martijn Brandse.

Growing customer success

Keeping the right balance between customer engagement while growing our consulting business is fundamental for Talent Peaks. This key success factor is often underestimated by fast growing consulting firms. What we don’t want? We don’t aim for growth based on continuously hiring new Salesforce consultants. This inevitably leads to too much fixation on ‘resource’ utilization mainly focusing on implementation. 

Two of our main core values: making impact, and being a guide are crucial for being a trusted partner for customers. This means we have to deeply understand your customers’ needs and deliver accordingly to support their growth. Not only by providing technical (Salesforce) knowledge, but also by adding value from a business (strategic/tactical) perspective. Therefore, we decided to invest in senior consulting, sales and customer success by hiring new Talent Peakers with the right DNA and knowledge to boost customer engagement in combination with our fast growth.

Contributing to the Salesforce Community

By harnessing the power of Salesforce, we want to support people to become Salesforce trailblazers by offering them help, training and make them grow by participating in our rich network, so they can create a better future for themselves. In 2020, we will initiate a special program to support these people together with our consultants and customers.

Don’t f*ck up the culture

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

– Simon Sinek

We strongly believe in this vision. Talent Peaks has a unique culture and we select people with personalities that fit our DNA. We are convinced that this has a major impact on their professional development. A strong cultural fit allows our people to feel at ‘home’, give them wings to grow as a professional, learn new skills and take on further responsibilities. This benefits the whole company; it allows us to grow and develop together. I am convinced that our strong culture is directly correlated to our performance and success, including efficiency. 

As my colleague Frank Gielen already stated: ‘‘Our number one priority is our DNA match on personality. This is key in hiring and growing our Talent Peakers.’’ This is why we constantly focus on ‘not f*cking up the culture’. For 2020 we will invest in that even more than ever.

How? See for yourself. Follow us on LinkedIn, subscribe to our Newsletter and, even better, talk to our team. They will proudly tell you!

Growing our newborn: the Byner App on Salesforce

Industry focus not only generates a lot of cool projects, but it also leads to new ideas for standard Salesforce solutions that make life easier for our customers. Take for example the brand new Byner App we developed for our customers in the Staffing industry. Byner takes control of the staffing business of professionals from contract to invoice. This new, revolutionary app we will proudly launch on the #Salesforce Platform in Q1 2020, with already 4 customers taking advantage of it! Check the Byner website for more information.

The year 2020 is all about onboarding new customers and enriching the app with new features based on customer needs. The Talent Peaks’ consulting team will take care of the implementations under supervision of Matthijs Kuiper. Together, they will play a very important role in customer success. Our CTO Martijn Brandse will focus on product management and development. Together with my pre-sales buddy Frank Gielen, I will take care of the sales, all supported by our fantastic marketing team guided by Manola van Diest! So, together with our first customers all ingredients are there to make 2020 a big success for Byner.

Let’s have a drink!

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Joram Timmerman

Joram Timmerman

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