Meet Frank Gielen: new managing partner @ Talent Peaks

Doing cool stuff with cool people.

We are happy to announce that Frank Gielen has joined our team as our third managing partner (along with our existing managing partner Stijn Vangenechten and Joram Timmerman), effective January 2018. Frank moves from Bullhorn/Connexys and therefore, he is already well known within Talent Peaks because of our strong partnership with them.

For the rest of the world; let us introduce Frank to you!

Frank, how would you describe yourself in one word?

Tell us, what will be your main focus at Talent Peaks?
‘To grow our business on Connexys and Salesforce implementations by being ‘thought leaders’ in our expertise areas. That means on the one hand making sure our team is up-to-date; in knowledge and certifications perspective. And on the other hand to maintain and develop the right partner solutions that will help empower our proposition. After all, we are dedicated to crafting an excellent customer journey within all the projects we deliver. Simultaneously, we also make sure that we have a lot of fun as a team while doing so!’

What will you bring Talent Peaks?
‘I worked as a recruiter myself, so I know the daily struggles when it comes to processes and systems within the branche. And for the last -approximately- six years, I have been involved in many (international) eHRM implementations on the platform as a consultant. With a focus on solution engineering for the last years, meaning: advising on processes and systems in the sales phase. I see myself as a generalist, not a specialist. I think my broad knowledge will help Talent Peaks to grow successful business. I am a person who sets the bar high: for myself as well as others. So, I hope my critical personality will also help Talent Peaks to stay sharp!’

Tell us about your personal life?
First of all, I am a proud father of a two year old son; Brann. I am living happily together with Inge, who is self employed as well. I like to invest my time in my friends and family and love Italian food and craft beers. And, last but not least, I am a dedicated Feyenoord supporter for over 20 years now: boy, did we have a party in May last year!’

And your motto?
I have two. From my own perspective I want to do cool stuff with cool people, nothing more nothing less! When it comes to people, I strongly believe in the motto: ‘hire personality, train skills’.’

Thank you Frank, welcome to the Talent Peaks team!

Judith Van Oudheusden

Judith Van Oudheusden

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