17 Jan 2017

New Customer in Belgium: Partena Talent Partners

By: Joram Timmerman

Recently, Partena Talent Partners decided to implement Connexys Resource Manager together with Talent Peaks. The project starts in the beginning of January and will be delivered by the end of February.

Partena Talent Partners is aiming to digitise its process of matching in the best possible way the clients' HR requests and the skills, experiences and personal fit of external HR talent. Partena manages today about 600 HR freelance professionals in a semi-automated way. With a significant growth ahead, this process needs to be automated in full.

Talent Peaks will therefore implement, together with Partena, Connexys' Salesforce based Resource Manager solution that allows them to manage external candidates, match candidates with opportunities and seamlessly communicate with all parties involved in a digital way.

Talent Peaks obtains new customer: Partena