Why you should come and meet Talent Peaks at CO For It

Content, data and privacy by default.

We at Talent Peaks are proud to be a collaborative partner of Connexys (by Bullhorn), an applicant tracking system built within the Salesforce platform. Every year, Connexys organizes CO For It: a get-together for their partners and customers to discuss the convergence of HR, recruitment and technology. It is an event where you will get to see inspiring keynote speakers and participate in practical break-out sessions concerning various topics related to the contemporary world of HR and recruitment.

GDPR: an important and contemporary theme

Naturally, Talent Peaks will be present as well. If you have been following us so far, then perhaps our lead analytics consultant Ronald Schep will be no stranger to you. You might have heard and seen him before at Recruiters United or through our webinar about people analytics.

But at CO For It 2017, he won’t be alone: our consultants Stijn Janssen (analytics and business processes) and Danielle de Ruwe (recruitment marketing) will be joining him to discuss a contemporary theme that may keep HR and recruitment professionals awake at night: online people analytics and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Content, data and privacy by default

At Talent Peaks, we are convinced that working with content marketing and subsequent data analyses can make a true difference for HR and recruitment processes and success. During an inspiring break-out session, we will present practical cases and show you how content marketing will help you to make a difference with your specific company and for your audience.

At the same time it is important to tend to the more political, and sometimes moral, aspects on collecting data about your online audience. Tracing their behavior and connecting this information with your existing database needs to be executed carefully and respectfully. Because we are facing the arrival of the new European law on privacy and data protection (GDPR) in May 2018, this will become even more important.

According to the GDPR, which we wrote about earlier, privacy and data protection must be enabled by system design and by default. Are you currently aware of all the data you are storing about your website visitors and applicants, how that data is being processed and who has access to that data? And are your data collection and processes compliant to the new lawful standards?

This is why you should come and meet Talent Peak at CO For It 2017

At Talent Peaks, we are aware of the consulting role we play when it comes to online content, data and the GDPR. We will be there to tell you more about how this law impacts your efforts concerning content marketing and data processing, so you will be able to start building compliance in a way that still matches your business strategies.

  • GDPR treats online identifiers and location data as personal data and therefore demands they be protected in the same way as other identifiers; like information on the genetic, economic or psychological identity of a data subject.
  • Cookies count as online identifiers. GDPR states that all cookies – even pseudonymous ones- can be considered personal data if there is any potential to create profiles of the natural persons and identify them.

Starting to think about and becoming aware of what kind of data is being processed is the first step in being compliant. But you will also need to take actions, such as:

  1. Make sure you have a privacy statement on your website;
  2. Embed opt in and opt out in every way you are in contact with customers/candidates;
  3. Set up a cookie policy with opt in.

Source: Piwik PRO

Paulien van der Krift

Paulien van der Krift

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