Meet Talent Peaks at HR Tech World Amsterdam and discover Whatfix

Time for some very exciting news from us.

As a niche consulting partner for our customers, we are delighted to announce our attendance at the HR Tech World event in Amsterdam on October, 24th-25th.

Digital transformation is key in optimizing talent and user journeys. We are eager to demonstrate our expertise to HR leaders from around the world at HR Tech World and show them how we have helped our clients achieve this transformation.

Whatfix: easy training and onboarding

But, that’s not all. We are also excited to showcase how our partner Whatfix helps companies improve their employee performance and productivity. Whatfix is a SaaS-based platform that helps organizations in optimizing user onboarding, employee training and performance support in an interactive way. Contrary to conventional training methods, Whatfix provides interactive walkthrough tools and self-support widgets which companies can use to help their employees master their online applications.

As organizations embark on digital transformation journeys, a smooth migration to newer software technologies is critical in the change process. Our partner Whatfix assists organizations in this change management process by enabling employees to adopt newer cloud-based applications easily and quickly.

Come and discover Whatfix for yourself

At the upcoming HR Tech World, we will demonstrate how the unique partnership between Talent Peaks and Whatfix benefits your organization. Our professionals will exhibit Talent Peaks’ HR consulting expertise, while simultaneously showing how Whatfix’s platform works in realtime. We will also speak about the immense flexibility that the platform possesses and how HR leaders can configure this to suit their specific needs.

See you there!

Talent Peaks and Whatfix together are helping organizations move into the digital future. HR Tech World is your chance to get a first hand understanding of how we are doing this. Excited to learn more? Find Talent Peaks at HR Tech World Amsterdam at booth 728 on the 24th and 25h of October. See you there!


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Paulien van der Krift

Paulien van der Krift

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