Meet Salesforce Consultant Niels Dercksen

“I’m a creator. I love getting things done”

Meet our new Salesforce Consultant Niels Dercksen: “I’m a huge Salesforce fan and I love getting things done. Customer Success is my main driver. I get a lot of energy by seeing how customers benefit from my work in terms of efficiency and productivity.”

Tell us about your career path?

I studied Economics in Amsterdam and after my graduation I applied for an internship at Guidion, an Field Service company in the Telecom and Energy industry. I worked there for 6 years in different roles, managing a large variety of projects in digital transformation and optimizing business processes. In several projects, I guided internal and external teams with Salesforce implementations and helped them to make the most out of the technology available. I liked that a lot and it made me enthusiastic to immerse myself more into the world of Salesforce. So I started looking for an environment in which I could develop and grow.

Why choose for Talent Peaks?

In my opinion happiness at work leads to great achievements and any company that embraces that, I’ll embrace right back. In my experience, when I feel comfortable at work it will result in greater achievements, which makes me even happier and there you have a perfect loop. At my former employer, the culture was perfect. I felt happy as a pig in clover.

I feel the same vibe at Talent Peaks. The core values: having fun, making an impact and being a guide suits me like a glove. A pleasant working environment for me is defined by a combination of personal development, great people and a healthy ambition. During the interviews with Talent Peaks, I found out that next to my regular projects, 10% of my working time will be allocated to knowledge gaining. Plus, we are offered a large supply of support, tooling and coaching. Furthermore, I got to know different colleagues at the interviews and had good discussions about working at Talent Peaks. All this made me decide to go for it!

What is it about Salesforce that attracts you?

I’m a big fan of the Salesforce technology. Being the #1 most innovative CRM-platform in the world, it is a huge growth market with a very open platform. On top of that thousands of apps effectively integrate with Salesforce. This offers infinite perspectives, not only for customers, but also for experts like myself. As a so-called Salesforce Trailblazer, I can determine my own development path, I can learn and get my certifications and I can decide if I want to specialize in specific clouds, expertises or industries.

This works great for me. For now, I’m focusing on Customer Support at Talent Peaks Basecamp and implementation consultancy in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, but for the future who knows? I just might want to focus on Salesforce Architecture, or perhaps broaden my skills in Salesforce development.

What will you bring?

I am a positive, structured and disciplined person. My broad experience in Field Service in the Professional Services Industry, for both B-to-B and B-to-C customers will come in handy as a consultant at Talent Peaks. Always putting the customer in the heart of the business, I know how to translate challenges and needs into effective processes. What I love most in my role, is that it allows me to work with many different types of customers and colleagues. Being able to align them and get maximum results of new implementations, gives me a lot of energy.

An unusual start

I am the first officially fully remotely hired and onboarded employee at Talent Peaks. This was quite a strange experience. Normally you can tag along when you are new. Of course, I can still do that, but now everything goes digitally. This asks for a proactive, open approach. Luckily, everybody is really helpful and open. I had a lot of so-called Donut Calls on Slack – informal online meetings to get to know my new colleagues.

As far as projects with customers are concerned, I already had the opportunity to join many different projects in a short period of time, such as discovery design sessions, sprint reviews, a dashboarding workshop and different implementations. It is interesting to learn that – even though we prefer to do this on site – it is perfectly possible to also make impact while handling projects remotely. Still, I can’t wait to meet my colleagues in person and work with customers on location again.


Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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