Meet Rein De Meulenaer, Industry Lead Media Services

Rein guides customers in the media services industry in their journey to digital success

Being a fast-growing Salesforce Gold Partner, Talent Peaks aims to become the leading niche Salesforce partner in Benelux for 3 specific industries: Professional Services, Staffing & Recruitment and Media Services. To further realize this ambition in the Media Services, we are very happy that Rein De Meulenaer joins the Talent Peaks family.

His +20 year experience in the Media Industry will help us become even more relevant in this rapidly changing, hyper-competitive industry. Rein’s expertise in the Media business and media processes, speaking the language and understanding the specific needs, is extremely valuable for driving customer success. So, let’s get to know Rein a little better.

Tell us something about yourself

“My whole career has been focused around Media Services. In different media companies, I’ve worked in various management roles and business units focusing on sales, marketing & digital transformation. Based on my experience I will support customers in pinpointing business needs & pains, designing efficient digital solutions and making it happen. The ultimate goal is creating maximum ROI for customers using the innovative Salesforce technology.”

Why Talent Peaks?

“For me, Talent Peaks combines the best of many worlds: the unique opportunity to shift my career towards digital transformation consultancy, working with world-class tech solutions of Salesforce, in a fast-growing, ambitious and warm company and all that in my area of expertise: Media Services.

The fact that Talent Peaks makes a clear choice to excel in 3 niches (Media, Staffing & Recruitment and Professional Services), rather than claiming to be an expert in every area, made me choose for Talent Peaks! And since day one I am happy with that choice!”

What will be your main focus at Talent Peaks?

“As Industry Lead Media, I will mainly focus on companies in the media industry. More specifically, I will support customers in pinpointing business needs & pains, designing efficient digital solutions and making it happen. The ultimate goal is creating maximum ROI for customers using the innovative Salesforce technology.”

Why Media Services?

“Over the past 15 years, media companies world-wide, have gone through drastic changes. The digital revolution completely changed business models as a result of changing media consumption, new platforms, new players, etc. All of which had a very disruptive impact on the media ecosystem. All media companies had to adapt and to reinvent themselves. Some by choice, others by force. Assisting them in this, often digital, journey is what gives me energy and satisfaction.”

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How about your journey so far?

“Media was my first love: I started 22 years ago as a junior marketeer for a film-distributor (U.I.P.) and have since then worked for various media companies in both local and international settings: U.I.P, RMB, AdLink/Hi-Media, Sanoma Belgium, Immoweb, Mediahuis. Over the years I had various roles in different business units: product management, business development, marketing & sales. Digital transformation has been the common thread throughout the last 10 years of my career path.”

What will you bring?

“I have tons of energy, enthusiasm, a passion for the media industry and a burning curiosity to further explore the vast Salesforce universe! My aim is to help Talent Peaks become the undisputed reference in terms of digital consultancy for Media-companies.”

Looking back on your onboarding?

“Needless to say that starting at a new company in Covid-19 times, isn’t easy. Especially when you’re as eager to meet and get to know your new colleagues as I am. But the welcome I got, right from the start, was so warm and spontaneous that I felt at home right away. I can feel in everything that Talent Peaks is not just a company, it’s a family, a hard working tribe of passionate and talented people. A company where hard work and fun go hand in hand. My kind of company!”

Tell us one thing we really want to know about you?

“I don’t like talking about myself, but prefer listening to people! Not that I consider myself to be dull or uninteresting, no, I’m just very curious. About everything, constantly. Always on the lookout for new discoveries: new people to meet, new ideas to discuss, new dishes to try, new music bands to hear, new countries to visit, new sports to practice, new skills to master…. Discovery is what drives me! No wonder one of my favourite quotes is Wayne Gretzky’s: You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

Good luck, Rein. Great that you’re part of the Talent Peaks family now. We’re looking forward to making lots of new discoveries with you!

Manola van Diest

Manola van Diest

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